The Family Reviews is comprised of a tight-knit family of seven and two significant others outside the fam. While close, we all clash for a variety of reasons. Whether it be generational gap, personality differences, or something completely illogical, we always find something to yell about. Enter this blog.

We provide our conflicting opinions on new music, resulting in reviews that are chaotic, unprofessional, but above all honest. It's like Pitchfork meets Lord of the Flies. As a result, the artists usually appreciate the refreshing takes on their work, whether it be good or bad.

We started reviewing just for fun a few years back, and went public with our blog in 2018. Our aim is to:

  • put a spotlight on undiscovered artists, while providing them with our healthy mix of constructive and confusing criticism

  • expose our parent's to new popular artists, and they the same with throwback albums

  • to share our love for discovering new music with the world

So we invite you to join the family. We promise not to judge you, unless you're a musician and in that case we'll do just that.