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Meet Barrie

If you’ve ever doubted music’s power to bring people together, look no further than the collective fear that flashes across every passenger’s eyes on the subway when a man with an accordion enters the car. 
Or, just check out Barrie, the brain-child of Barrie Lindsay. This Brooklyn-based dream pop band is a collective of musical souls hailing from all over the world. They crossed the pond, left Brazil, met through Tinder, and fled from Clam Chowder, all to create lush and magical tunes for your little ears. 

Below we discuss the beauty of collaboration in NYC, piano playtime, and the Parent Trap’s excellent taste. 



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Would You Rather…

smell like mothballs, or sound like gilbert Godfried?

Damn I kind of like mothballs actually


Some Questions With Barrie

What was your first musical project? Do you think it has influenced the music you are making today?

I think my first musical project was taking piano lessons as a little kid. I loved making shit up on the piano so much. And that’s still my favorite thing to do, spending hours and hours messing around on a piano


What was the first live performance like with all of you together?

The first show with the original Barrie band was in the basement of a wework on Wall Street lol

Since moving to Brooklyn do you think the NYC music scene inspires more competition, collaboration, Or both?

Collaboration! There are so many opportunities, and everyone’s doing something different, so there’s plenty to go around. People are very encouraging and inclusive.


When you get an idea for a song, which is more difficult to nail down the lyrics or the music. 

Lyrics always take more time and effort for me.

Who was a significantly influential family member growing up?

My older brother really informed my musical taste. He’s a really good drummer, and he introduced me to cool music and the idea of playing in bands etc.

What is the best dive bar in all of NYC?

I don’t go to that many bars but I like Lucy’s on the LES


Who would be your dream director to work with on a music video?

It would’ve been really cool to make a music video with Agnes Varda. Also it’d be interesting to see what the PEN15 creators would do


Do you have a piece of musical gear that you have been really into lately?

Not exactly gear but I just got a dulcimer and it’s so beautiful. I love playing unfamiliar instruments. I just wanna find new timbres, and I like not knowing how they work.

If you had control of all bats on the earth what would you do with them?

I’d ask them to block out the sun over the White House

After recording this first album is there anything you learned along the way? Are there things you would do differently on a future release?

I learned it’s good to take your time with it. Deadlines are helpful but the music is gonna be out forever, so make sure it’s what you want it to be. But at the same time, don’t be precious, and accept yourself and your music from different phases.

What movie has your favorite soundtrack? Why?

the parent trap lol but really

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

I just read a headline about global water shortage crisis and it’s terrifying and it’s all I can think about. Pay attention and vote please!!

Check out Barrie On their upcoming tour!

Dates below…

08/30/19 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl Music Hall *
08/31/19 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall *
09/01/19 – Dallas, TX @ Trees *
09/03/19 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk *
09/04/19 – Norman, OK @ The Opolis *
09/05/19 – Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf *
09/06/19 – Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom *
09/07/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ Teragram Ballroom *
09/08/19 – Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation Room *
09/10/19 – Fresno, CA @ Strummer's *
09/11/19 – San Francisco, CA @ August Hall *
09/13/19 – Portland, OR @ Revolution Hall *
09/14/19 – Vancouver, BC @ The Imperial *
09/15/19 – Seattle, WA @ Neumos *
09/17/19 – Garden City, ID @ Visual Arts Collective *
09/18/19 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge *
09/19/19 – Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theater *
09/20/19 – Omaha, NE @ The Waiting Room *
09/21/19 – Minneapolis, MN @ Fine Line Music Cafe *
09/22/19 – Chicago, IL @ Thalia Hall *
10/11/19 – Holland, MI @ Hope College – Park Theatre
10/22/19 – Aarhus, DK @ Atlas %
10/23/19 – Copenhagen, DK @ Vega %
10/24/19 – Hamburg, DE @ Bahnhof Pauli %
10/25/19 – Utrecht, NL @ Under Your Skin Festival
10/26/19 – Amsterdam, NL @ London Calling Festival
10/27/19 – Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzberg %
10/29/19 – Zürich, CH @ Bogen F
10/30/19 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique Rotonde
11/01/19 – Paris, FR @ Pitchfork Paris
11/02/19 – London, UK @ MIRRORS (Dingwalls)
11/04/19 – Brighton, UK @ Patterns ^
11/05/19 – Cardiff, UK @ 10 Feet Tall ^
11/06/19 – London, UK @ Scala ^
11/07/19 – Manchester, UK @ The Deaf Institute ^


* w/ WHY?
% w/ Nilüfer Yanya
^ w/ Charly Bliss

Sean Maldjian