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Meet Big Bite

Get me my dentures I am about to take a Big Bite out of life! Big Bite is a multi-dimensional warm noise generating rock band from the far away land they call Seattle, Washington. We got a chance to see them play live a few weeks back, and boy oh boy was that a real treat! Today they have been kind enough to sit down with us and go over some pressing questions. Take it all in below folks.


How To Wash Your Face

A MAD-LIB By Big Bite

In order to wash your face darkly, you must wet your dingle in warm acid . Then, throw it across your face 14 times. This will wash off any remaining buns. When you are done you should jingle the cloth in tough water to clean it. You should also wash your face with a baptist to keep it smooth and shiny. This will also keep away cakes. Don’t worry, it is normal to experience IBS the first time you try this. Consult your FBI if you break out in lungs. This works well on your tooth too!


Would you rather always be crying, or always have a very runny nose? Why?

Runny nose, because I already have that.

What is the biggest bite you have ever taken?

I fit a bar of soap in my mouth once.

Most musicians are not morning people. Do you feel more creative during the day or at night?

Usually tomorrow.



How does this image make you feel?

What music did you listen to as a child that brought you to where you are today?

Radio Disney and Santana

If you had to be a teacher and it could not be music what would you teach?

P.E. And only play Tae Bo videos

Do you have a favorite venue to play in? Why is it your favorite?

Kame House in Seattle always sounds good feels good

Maggie asks: If aliens who had never heard of humankind intercepted a transmission of one of your songs, which song would you want them to hear?


What movie would you say represents your band the closest?

OG Blade Runner

How has it been touring with the songs of your 2018 self-titled album? Do you notice any changes that come from playing them live?

I think I simplify my drum parts the more I play them live. For our new record we toured on the songs before we recorded so that we had a more concrete idea of how we actually wanted to play them

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)


Sean Maldjian