BOYTOY (Glenn Van Dyke) | The Family Interviews

Meet Glenn Van Dyke

With sunny guitar, a bit of NYC influenced punk. and whole heck of a lot of spunk, BOYTOY is a sonic piece of work that toes the line between old school surf rock and some good old grunge. This is the bread and butter of the NYC music scene at the moment, but these ladies are rocking out in venues across the globe. This stellar all women trio is making waves. 

Read on to find out what the worst thing to eat for five dollars is, their prime creativity hours, and writing songs about your dog. 



A MAD-LIB By Glenn Van Dyke

SUMMER HEIGHTS one of America's MOST institutions of GREEN.learning. The student body is composed of 420.males and 666.FLOWERS. The FLOWERS.get the best grades. Students can eat lunch in the HORNY.cafeteria, which features boiled PUPPIES and ROCK.sandwiches, with all the TEQUILA.they can drink, for only 74 cents. The principal of the school, RUE PAUL, is raising money to build a new GLUE GUN.laboratory and a new football BOOBS. Any student who goes to this school can consider themselves very SCRAPPY.


Would You Rather…

have to wear a very long cape for the rest of your life, or boots and gloves? Please explain why.

A really long cape because swimming in boots and gloves sounds terrible.


Some Questions About Firsts

How different would you say the first song you guys ever wrote is from your current music?

Based on my memory of my very first song ever I'd say they are extremely different, but I imagine if you put them side by side with similar production, played now, there would probably be some similarities. Except the lyrics. I can't remember what all the lyrics were, but it was about my dog. I think my vocabulary is better now.

What is the worst thing you would do for 5 dollars

Eat a cricket.

You all have an interesting sound.  I feel you are sort of in the Indie Rock Genre. Do you feel that’s where you are or do you see yourselves somewhere else?

Thank you! I've never fully understood the meaning of Indie Rock. In the 80s, so Ive heard, it was the bands that were on Independent Labels but now if you're not listening to top 40, you're probably listening to an Indie band. I feel like there's no short answer here, we all make music based on our influences and those are a little bit of this and that. I always call Boytoy a rock and roll band.

At what time of day are you the most inspired or creative, mornings or evenings?

both. I usually feel pretty creative from like 7-11am and then the bug hits again in the late afternoon. I feel pretty lucky to be able to indulge it. Inspiration has no limits though.


Do you drink coffee? If so How do you take your coffee?

When I do drink coffee its usually an espresso shot or an americano.

What was your first live performance like as a band?

Sloppy and sweaty on NYE 2013 at a Pizza Place in Boston. Im pretty sure we were the first and last show they ever hosted.


What was the intention with your 2018 album Night Leaf?

To make a cohesive, groovy record out of ideas we had. We wanted to add bass to our record and I personally was excited to flush things out in the studio as opposed to our previous records which were recorded pretty much exactly how we play them live.

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