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Meet Brian Bulger

He is back everybody. I know, I know it seems like ages since we last heard from our dear friend Brian. By my calculations it was approximately forty-eight hours! That is too long in my opinion. I need a steady stream of their uplifting folky tunes. This should do the trick though. This is an interview! Thats right it is Brian’s turn to enlighten the fam on the important subjects of legs, letters from camp, and massage chairs. Read on below to find it all out.


Letter From Camp

A MAD-LIB By Brian Bulger

Dear Tessa,

I am having a Jocular time at camp. The counselor is Moist and the food is Plump. I met Sunny The Cat and we became Proper friends. Unfortunately, Sunny The Cat is Baleful and I Refashioned my Left Cheek so we couldn't go Beefing like everybody else. I need more Succulents and a Garage sharpener, so please Warmly Punch more when you Kick back.

Your Momma,

Rory The Fox


Would you rather your favorite restaurant be modified to have massage chairs that are on at all times, or there is a clown in there doing clown things at all times? Please explain why.

I shall respond with a short poem:

Clowns don't really creep me
But I know they make folk queasy
Lets just massage the whole crowd
Even if it gets a lil loud

How long have you been making music?

Since I was 12. I began writing silly songs and memorizing tracks from the likes of The Script or Switchfoot, I became obsessed with the guitar. I didn't ever think about being a popstar, or getting famous off of it, I just loved playing and singing to myself.

What was your first live performance experience like?

I don't remember the exact first one but I can tell you it was BAD. I always get a stomachache before each show, and it usually goes away after I sing the first words of the first song. However, with the first 20 shows, it just never went away.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Barely both. I don't want to lie here, when a big good boi starts jumping all over me I freak out a bit. If I ever get a dog, it will be a little good boi or gurl, and we will definitely be getting it from the shelter. Right now we have Sunny the Cat, and she is awesome. Kind of a witch but we love her anyway.

Are there any musical artists you draw inspiration from?

My biggest inspiration since I was 15 has always been Gregory Alan Isakov. I used to watch every Youtube video with him in it, completely mesmerized by the raw songwriting talent. My inspirations are always strong songwriters, as that is what I enjoy more than anything else in the whole music-making process. Some others: Tallest Man on Earth, Iron & Wine, Adrianne Lenker, Pinegrove, and Hudson Freeman.

How many legs are too many legs?

I love this question. I'm gonna go with 5.

What was the intention with this latest Single Hot Metal/ Dance Until We’re Gone?

My other releases in the past have been softer, more acoustic, and sadder. I wanted the first singles from the new album to pop, and show a new sound I've been developing with the band for the past few years. Hot Metal is about being bitter at yourself for screwing up, and Dance Until We're Gone is a love song about being free.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Definitely flight. I know its common but come on, think of the possibilities.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Be kind to one another, make your life about standing up for the oppressed in whatever avenues you can do that. There will always be suffering, but don't wallow in the world's defeats, find out who is fighting back and be part of the change.

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Sean Maldjian