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Meet Caroline Lazar

Sad girl indie isn’t just a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Those who subscribe typically have an affection for cats and millennial pink. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Caroline Lazar not only owns a cat, but writes a real good heartbreaking tune. Her music touches on the rollercoaster that is love and pain and nostalgia and all that good stuff, blended up with dreamy and lush textures.   

Fresh off the release of her debut EP Honey, Caroline graciously put up with our usual nonsense and answered our burning questions. Read on to find out about the best drunk food, her cat’s weight gain**, and living the Brooklyn dream. 

**check out Chonk’s insta. Highly recommend. 



A MAD-LIB By Caroline Lazar

Our class went on a field trip to a LOVELY observatory. It was located on top of a CAT, and it looked like a giant BOOK with a slit down its COFFEE. We went inside and looked through a FLIP PHONE.and were able to see KITTENS in the sky that were millions of DOORS away. The men and women who SEDUCING .in the observatory are called TEARS, and they are always watching for comets, eclipses, and shooting MORE TEARS. An eclipse occurs when a BOOM BOX.comes between the earth and the WINE and everything gets SLEEPY. Next week, we plan to JUMPING the Museum of Modern SUSHI.


Would You Rather…

eat burritos or pizza for the rest of your life?

Pizza but can we make it gluten free with pineapple??


What is objectively the best "drunk food" and why?

Hmmm probably chips and guac and I don’t have a reason but that sounds good right?

Where is the best music store in New York City?

I actually have yet to discover my favorite music store here! I generally get CDs at concerts, rather than a store, and my room is too tiny to fit a record player :(

How is your cat?

Thank you for asking!! Luna is the light of my light as usual. She has gained a couple pounds since getting onto her anti anxiety medication, so now she is generally referred to as “Chonks”

What makes a performance successful to you?

I don’t think there is anything more magical than when the emotional connection between the performer and the audience feels truly authentic. As an audience member I’m looking to experience the music I love in a way that would be impossible through my headphones. To me, perfection and accuracy are completely irrelevant (ok nearly irrelevant). It’s all about how the music and performance make you feel!

What is your favorite park in New York City?

Oooh this is a super hard question. I LOVE parks. There’s a really cute and quiet park in my neighborhood called McGlorick Park that I really love. It’s nice and shady and there is an amazing pickle vendor there every Sunday!


What has been your biggest high as a musician?

Any time someone personally reaches out to me- whether it be after a show, or through social media- and tells me that they connect with my music. That’s all the high I need!

After Miami what prompted the move to NYC?

I lived in Miami for a few years to go to school. I’ve always known I would move to New York as soon as I had the opportunity. I have family here, and something about it always felt like home!

What three things would you demand to be in your dressing room?

My cat, rosé, and a fluffy blanket.

What is your dream neighborhood to live in, and why?

I think I might be living in it right now? I absolutely adore Greenpoint! It’s so cute and has kind of a small town feel to it. But I also spend a lot of time in Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens and I can definitely see myself living there! Regardless, somewhere in Brooklyn!


The artwork for your 2019 release "Honey" utilizes vintage film photography and collage. What drew you to that style of imagery and how does it relate to your album/music?

So the photo is actually of my mom, my grandmother, and my great aunt. Honey has a very nostalgic vibe to it, and as soon as I found that photo I knew it was the perfect representation of the music! The daisies are from a field in New Zealand- I visited some family there a few years ago and it took my breath away. So it’s a combination of things I love and miss, which pretty much sums up the idea of the EP!

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Thanks for asking these amazing questions it was so fun! Come see a show, I play around New York pretty frequently! And if you want to become best friends follow my cat @lunalunalunacat on instagram, or me (I’m not quite as adorable though) @carolinelovescats <3

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