Clever Girls | The Family Interviews

Photo By Hannah Blauner

Photo By Hannah Blauner

Meet Clever Girls

Thanks to a gaggle of talented humans up in Burlington, Vermont…Clever Girl isn’t just a quote from Jurassic Park anymore. In the plural tense, it now refers to this dreamy garage indie band who, honestly, the world is lucky to have. We had a listen to their debut album, Luck and couldn’t help but pick their brains a bit. In our exploring we learned things ranging from their number one rehearsal rule to reasonings behind this latest song. Have a listen and hear what they had to say!


A Weird Day

A MAD-LIB By Clever Girls

Once upon a time there was a sneaker. It had serendipitous sneakers ! One day it met Lizzo on the side of the Winooski, Vermont they were singing. It was very messy; they both looked like hobos! All of the sudden they started singing A Song For You (Willie Nelson) really loudly. They skated really magically! Lizzo started fixing with Natasha Lyonne. They looked really beautiful!


What was your first live performance together like?

Our first performance live was probably awkward. We started playing together when I️ was about 25 and still didn’t know how to play guitar very well and I️ had terrible stage presence. But our first show was at a local dive bar called “the monkey house” and I️ remember thinking how absolutely thrilled I️ was to perform live.

If you could make everyone in the world do one thing at the same time what would it be? Why?

I would make everybody pick up ten pieces of litter because imagine if 7.2 billion people all did that? Our earth is dying and it is really sad.

What are your rehearsals generally like?

It really depends on our mood, but we do “dry” practices - so zero beer/alcohol. When we started playing together our practices were all but useless because by the end of them we would all have a buzz. So usually they feel like a hell of our own creation.

Do you have any other musical acts that you have been into lately?

There are so many amazing local acts in Burlington. I️ feel super spoiled by that. Some of my favorites are Laurel, J Bengoy, Father Figure, and Julia Caesar.

What was the intention with this latest album Luck?

I️ was grieving a lot of things when I️ wrote Luck—friendships, relationships, loved ones… I️ was also seeking permission to discuss issues I️ didn’t feel I could say out loud, things that I️ wouldn’t allow myself to think about. Writing songs is really how I️ process everything around me. It takes me a very long time to do that, and I️ think for a lot of people healing is incremental and sort of circular. So when I️ wrote Luck that’s what I was trying to do; I️ wanted to heal some broken ways of thinking and by breathing legitimacy into all of those emotions through music, I️ got to do that.

What is the last thing you bought online? Were you satisfied with your order?

The last thing I️ bought online were new sneakers. I️ love them, they are lime green and super fun to look at!!!!!

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