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Meet Coco Verde

Is it just me, or does this band name sound like a delicious and potentially deadly cocktail? Or some equally lush dish. Either way my mouth is watering and their music is equally tasty. We called up this funky Brooklyn-based quartet to talk film scores, thrift stores and flying cats. Just ‘cos. 


Self Portrait by Coco Verde


A Would You Rather

Would you rather shrink five times your actual size, or grow one hundred times your actual size? What would you do?

I would rather grow. Then play basketball and maybe beat Ryan and Koko!


Some Questions

If you could cover the score of any film which would it be? Why?

Film score we would cover... any Wes Anderson movie. A lot of Stones, Devo, and just cool music. 

What is a word that does not get used enough?

I know that I could tell my friends that I love them more often. 

Do you have anywhere in NYC that you like to shop for clothes?

Urban Jungle on Knickerbocker in Brooklyn. I think it’s also known as L train vintage.


Where was that photo taken on the cover of your EP "Marathon"?

The EP photo was a spur of the moment shot taken on our block. Koko and I (Juju) were on our way to a diner called Tina’s on  Flushing Avenue and a friend of ours visiting from a Italy named Pasquale Putrino had a camera and snapped pics of us on the way. My bass is in the shopping cart, after lunch we were on to rehearsal and then on to one of our first shows. When we finished recording our EP I stumbled across this pic and just knew it was the one!


What do you think rock music will sound like in 50 years?

Rock music.

What would you do if you owned a blimp?

I would sell it and buy a motorcycle.

What was your first live performance like?


If you could give one animal species (besides people) the ability to fly which would it be? Why?

Cats, because Koko, Karys, and I all got cats and they could all fly and hang out.


If you were a spy what would be your code name?


How do you like to interact with audiences during a live performance?

I ramble, Koko smiles her lovely smile, Ryan hopefully ain’t too drunk, Jon, who knows no magic tricks, is wondering why the hell I told the audience to meet him after the show so that he can show them a magic trick, and Kary’s is telling me not to swear. These are our live shows. We love to engage. 

What is the worst music you could play at a family event/dinner?

Death Metal.... ughhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh jugchgchgchgc

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Come to a show if your in NYC. Gunna go on a little tour in November. And follow us on Instagram (cocoverdeyo)! It’s a fun time :)

Sean Maldjian