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Meet Daddies

HERE’S DADD…IES! This five piece comes out swinging from the land we affectionately call New Jersey. Trading in good old garage punk rock, their songs are catchy and stompy and bouncy and punchy all those other good —ieeeee words. 

Daddies’ debut EP released earlier this year, so we called them up and picked their brains. They reveal the best bad movie, Taco Bell’s superiority, and gives insight into Asbury Park vs. NYC. Dad’s do give great advice, so check it out below. 




I was DUMPING all along the sidewalk when these aliens WANGED me. I was SQUEEZED into their CORN and it blasted off. Then the alien asked me to GUZZLE on the TV. I was surprised they spoke english. the aliens had a pet DONKEY. We ordered some fried HAIR and it tasted good. As we came back into the galaxy, one alien asked me if I wanted a CAT PAW. I said no but I would like a LOTTERY TICKET. He got it for me and then dropped me off inside of PAUL MCCARTNEY'S PRIVATE BATHROOM FOR POOPING. then I realized I had been gone for 13.69420 years!


Would You Rather…

have control over all the fish in the world or all the trees? What would you do with your new powers?

Controlling trees would be cool. There isn't a whole lot you can do with it besides make them all stop producing oxygen, effectively killing off every living thing on the planet which would pretty cool. I'd go with controlling fish, you can create a whole new world of public transportation with fish pulling rafts or whale buses. You can have fish life guards at beaches and you can produce massive fish orgies to produce more food. Like fish Jesus or something. 


Some Questions With Daddies

What is one thing you would want to change about the music industry?

A lot of the industry is based on who you know, not how good you are. Being good helps, but a lot people in power will favor their friends or friends of friends. Some won't even look at you unless you're friends with the right people. I wish the industry was more blind in that sense and only judged with their ears.

What is your ideal recording environment?

Somewhere with space and natural light is always great. Somewhere that doesn't feel too sterile and where you wont' feel TOO bad spilling a beer. Growing up in the DIY scene, we've recorded in all sorts of places: legitimate studios, basements, bedrooms, and clay huts. That being said, I don't think the physical environment matters too much as long as the asshole behind the mixing board is good. It's important that they are someone you are comfortable around and someone you can trust to get the sound you want. 

What genres do you think have influenced your sound the most?

The most obvious ones are garage, punk, psych. However, every member of the band pulls from a wide variety of influences: soul, jazz, hip-hop, pop. It might not be an influence on the entire songwriting process, but it weasels its way into a fill, solo, hit, melody, stage outfit, etc.

Do you think you could solve a Rubix cube?

Not without cheat codes.


Who is your biggest supporter throughout your musical career?

We've been lucky to have a lot of supporters from the beginning. Greg Hanson of King Pizza Records agreed to put out our music before we even played our first show (glad that worked out). Our buddy Ralph who is kind of unofficial mascot/band dad. Anybody who ever dropped our name in a positive light (or negative, I suppose there's no such thing as bad PR).


What is the best smelling thing ever?

I know what it's not. Being in a car with 5 dudes. I've learned that vegetarian farts smell just as bad as meat ones.


What is the best bad movie to watch with friends?

The Room still holds up after all these years. But I have been subjecting my friends to Hulk Hogan's masterpiece, No Holds Barred. I'm hoping Danzing's new movie will be that kind of great-bad you can watch with friends.


What do you hope your audience is during your shows?

Not leaving. Buying merch. Getting content is great, but sometimes I just want the audience to enjoy us not through a 2 inch screen.


What is your favorite fast food chain?

I am little nervous to answer this question because I feel it will say more about us than all of the other questions combined. I'm going to go with Taco Bell. That sounds like the right answer.


How does the Asbury Park music scene stack up to NYC?

Asbury Park has Mogo, a korean fusion taco joint. We never turn down an Asbury gig because it means an excuse to get those sweet, sweet kimchi tacos and burritos. But seriously, they are both great scenes with their own things to offer. We haven't played Asbury nearly as much as New York, so it's a bit tough to give a solid answer. Both scenes are down to party and both produce such awesome bands and music.

What is your go-to Karaoke song? Why?

I go for Aqua's Barbie Girl. It's great as a duet or solo. Really gets your pipes working. Plus it's one of those songs you're not sure how you know every word to.

Sean Maldjian