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Meet Danielle Durack

Well hello there! Here we all are again to get to know another incredible musical talent. Today coming to you all the way from Phoenix, Arizona its Danielle Durack. Daniel’s latest album Bashful is can be listened to right below this little intro. Also keep an eye out for our full review on the album later on.


Job Opening

A MAD-LIB By Danielle Durack

Java Mechanic

Location: Space

Requisition ID #: 12345


Mechanics create a Toaster for customer Your Big Toe deliverables. Using Hysterical insight as well as technical Dogs, they plan, Flex, Drag, analyze, review, and Dance Your Big Toe products with a focus on quality for customers.

The following Dogs, skills and abilities are highly Shiny:

• A minimum Eon experience in configuration management Planking the functional and physical Coffeeee of both hardware and Your Big Toe environments.

• A minimum of A Hot Second experience in systems Flex, development, Fedora, change management, and the operation of Goats .

• A minimum of A Hot Second experience developing Goats in Java/J2EE, DML, Trader Joe's Developer Chocolate including PL/SQL.

• A minimum of A Hot Second experience with Apple Operating Systems and Sun Yikes hardware and Your Big Toe along with developing information Fridge technical Shoes.

• Experience and/or familiarity in the following is also Shiny:

◦ Building and deploying n-tier Goats

◦ Development and deployment of Verry Very Cold applications.

◦ Swing Fingernails, and Apache Cat.

◦ Familiarity with Obtuse communications Donuts.

◦ Excellent Toothbrush and communication Donuts; familiarity with Trader Joe's CDM methodology.


Would you rather every dog in the world be replaced by giant crabs or giant bats? Please explain your answer.

Both sound terrifying, but I think I would prefer to have giant bats. It might be cool to have a giant bat as a pet and ride it around like a dragon or something, assuming they could be domesticated.

If you had to watch one movie from start to finish every day for a year what would it be and why?

Maybe Office Space? Mostly because it's short and I'm lukewarm about it. I wouldn't want to watch one of my favorites and end up hating it or watch a movie I already hate over and over.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from my every day life and the people in it. I'm also inspired by the infinite nature of my own mind and my place in space and time. I'm inspired by my circumstances, good or bad. 

What was the intention with this latest album Bashful?

With Bashful I definitely hoped to be a little more understood, to be a little more of myself, and be a little more venerable. I also write with the intention to grow. Writing is therapeutic for me and never fails to be quite the journey of self discovery. I get to shed another layer and get a little closer to my essence.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Teleportation would be so amazing!

Any final comments?

Drink water! Be nice to each other! Give a shit!

Sean Maldjian