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Photo courtesy of EL LAGO

Photo courtesy of EL LAGO



EL LAGO! Hey long time no see! You may remember this angelic pop group from a couple of weeks ago when we had a look at their album Colors. Don’t be afraid that link will just bring you to their album.

Today is a different day. On this day EL LAGO got a chance to answer some wildly thought provoking questions. Like what kind of superpower they would grant themselves. Will their answers alter the course of history entirely? Obviously yes! Read below to find out more.



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Your Cousin-In-Law,


Would you rather Run at 100 mph or fly at ten mph? What on earth would you do?

I’ll go with fly /  levitate. What would I do? Make sure my secret never gets out. :)

How long have you been making music?

Our first show was in 2014, so almost 5 years now.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

That’s a tough one! Inspiration comes from every direction, and it just wouldn’t be possible to catalog. That said, when it's your turn to put something out there, it begins as an improvised decision, and you are pulling from a subconscious place.

To me, it’s not about achieving your personal “vision” as you’ve mapped it out with your mind. A huge part of it is about what is out of your control: your limitations, happenstance, your instincts and impulsive decisions, the things you are drawn to or not, all packed into a moment. And when you are given the chance to collaborate, you have all of those unknowns that come into play for each of you… plus the meeting somewhere in the middle that happens. That’s the good stuff.

What was the intention with Colors

With our first album, Colors, we really just wanted to put out the songs that we had been playing for about three years while finding our feet, plus a new one (the title track). We’d found local / regional support with those songs that really surprised us, so we thought… let’s respond to that support and actually put it out there beyond just a demo.

It’s hard to feel super confident about putting something out there, but we really enjoyed performing the material live, and we also felt like... “If we don’t put this out, maybe we’ll never put anything out.” We learned so much, and it really gave us a solid place to build from. I don’t think we’ll ever sound exactly like that again, so it will hold a special place for me, regardless of where else we want to go musically.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Probably to obsessively clean my house with a wish and a glance!

Any final comments?

Thanks for having us back! Hopefully we can share the new EP with y’all soon, maybe the end of this year! :)

Sean Maldjian