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Meet Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands

I googled clammy hands and found myself on an informative website called sweathelp.org, so would like to take a moment to let any of you particularly damp individuals know that this site exists and that we are all human and we all get clammy sometimes. 

Emmerson (and her clammy hands) is a poet and singer-songwriter from Brooklyn worth checking out — if only because you relate to being moist. Below, give the bedroom-pop chanteuse a listen and read all about her fave animals, polar bear costumes, and rogue grocery shopping. 



A MAD-LIB By Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands

Although he was Emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte was actually a Corsican, born on a small TELEPHONE POLE in the Mediterranean Sea. When he was just ten years old, Napoleon was sent to a military ELBOW in France, where his FLEXIBLE stature earned him the nickname of "The SUNKEN Corporal." At 24, he was made a CHIVALROUS General and married Josephine, the daughter of a well-known Parisian FORK. Soon after that, he defeated the Italians at ANTIPASTI and in 1804 was proclaimed Emperor of all the CAVEMEN But he made a DORKY mistake and attacked Russia. He reached Moscow, but the STENCILS had burned all their FOLDERS and his men got frozen OVERALLS. In 1914, he was MOANED and sent to Elba. But a year later, he came back to France and for 100 days was again the GRAVE-DIGGER. However, he was defeated at Waterloo and imprisoned on the island of St. Helena, a DOMESTICATED place which resembled LINCOLN, NEBRASKA.


Would You Rather…

have to perform a cover of the cha-cha slide, the macarena, or cotton eye joe? How would you do it? 

Maybe the cha cha slide just because it came out when I was in elementary school and they played it at all my school dances and it was all the rage. I would put that effect on my vocal that makes it inhumanly deep, and maybe some auto-tune. Probably also find a reason to use a lot of chimes because I want chimes in everything.

Some Questions With Emmerson & Her Clammy Hands

What are your top five favorite animals? 

Cats, dolphins, whales, otters, and ferrets (I like their weird pee smell–sue me.) 


Do you have a single favorite article of clothing? What makes it the favorite?

My polar bear costume used to be my favorite until I misplaced it. Now it’s this silk kimono-type thing that’s blue and red and emerald green and the colors are very saturated and I just feel very myself in it. Or my soft pajamas.  


Was the creative process any different for your 2018 album working with a full band?

The first time I ever worked with a full band was in the making of that album, and yes it’s awesome because you can make so much more happen with 4 people! It relieves the creative burden a little bit too because you have people to bounce ideas off of and who will come up with something great and all you have to do is say, “hell yeah!” rather than being trapped in your own mind just beating ideas to a pulp. But then someone might also suggest something you’re not into which you have to navigate with sensitivity.

If you could bottle the smell of one of your live performances what would it smell like?

A great show would be tangy, lemony, tree-bark-y, slightly bitter, honeysuckle, elderflower, vinegar, my own BO, maybe a little bit of fart in there. 

What is on your grocery list?

No list - I always end up buying things I didn’t mean to, and not buying things I did mean to and taking way too long and wandering around in circles. Sometimes I actually wonder if the grocers think I’m crazy. 


Who are you inspired by?

My mom and dad and family and friends! There’s nothing like what you can learn from the people you live your daily life beside.  

Do you have a favorite drinking game? Have you ever invented one? 

Never have I ever. That’s the answer to both questions. But really, I forgot about drinking games. They’re so fun! What am I doing! Thanks for reminding me.  

What was the most fun you had during a live performance?

Performing sure is a wild thing to do, I’ve realized. You want it to feel mostly natural but when you’re on a stage and everyone’s looking at you (or maybe no one’s looking at you), it’s easy to get psyched out and question why you’re there in the first place and become an awkward, shrunken version of yourself. That being said, the opposite can happen; you gain a little spark of confidence and you just grab it never look back and suddenly you’re in this alternate universe where you stop thinking about what you’re doing. It’s kind of like skiing or something. I’m not good at skiing though.

Who did the photography for your album artwork?

That photo of my face with my hands covering my mouth? Well, that’s a photobooth photo, blown-up. 

What was the rationale behind it?

I was originally doing the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” thing, but that has nothing to do with the album. I think the photo speaks for itself. haha get it?


Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

Of course. Before every single show. One time I talked to a guy who was about to perform at a beach concert and he said that one day he just decided that he didn’t want to be nervous anymore. And I said “wow.”  

If you could rename New York City what would you call it?

Sue Nork Yity for sure 100%

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Well upon my soapbox, I will say that, when I was little I used to love to sit in the sink and dig into a bar of soap with my fingernails. Soap has a great texture. 

Sean Maldjian