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Meet Francie Moon

Long time readers will know were big fans of garage rock / surf rock / bluesy folky kinda stuff. It’s a goooood time my friends. So obviously we’re well into Francie Moon’s jangly and energetic surfy sound. Evocative of that golden era, Moon and her music is eclectic, sunny, and free-spirited.

Fresh off the release of her EP, New Morning Light, we called up this Jersey girl for a chat. Below, Moon reveals her otherworldly nature, love of Emperors-turned-llamas, and gives some excellent North Jersey recs.

Check it out below!



A MAD-LIB By Francie Moon

LADY: Are you the plumber I sent for?
PLUMMER: Yes, madam. I came over as EXTREMELY as I could. Is there something wrong with your POTATO?
LADY: No, it's my NEWT. The SKETCHY thing is all stopped up.
PLUMMER: Have you tried cleaning it with a MY GRANDMA'S OLD ELECTRIC GUITAR?
LADY: Yes, but there was too much COCONUT MILK LATTE in the MIRROR.
PLUMMER: HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!! This looks like it's going to be a DELIGHTFUL job!
LADY: Do you think I'll need a new POOP?
PLUMMER: Only if your RADIO is cracked. I'll have to tighten up your HORNETS and check.
LADY: All right. But make sure you don't scratch my FACE or SHRED my floor.


Would You Rather…

Would you rather every dog in the world be replaced by giant crabs or giant bats? Please explain your answer.

I would personally not rather either scenario but if I must prefer...I would prefer a weird bat crab dog hybrid...a dog that will fly in the night but also clip things for you with its crazy claws. So if I'm wrapping presents I can have my bat dog crab clip the little bow string for me and then fly it to deliver the gift and then come back and we can play fetch with its multiple crab legs. That would be so so fun.


If you had to watch one movie from start to finish every day for a year what would it be and why?

Already did that. The Emperors New Groove. 5th grade...that was a great year!


Do you have a favorite venue to play in NYC?

Anywhere King Pizza Records is putting on a show is always my favorite place to play :). Otherwise, Mercury Lounge has a nice feeling to it when I play there. I can always hear everything good and feel good playing there, not exactly sure why!


What is your favorite venue to see a show in NJ?

Let me first point out that NJ is large and for some reason it is always equated to being the same size/thing as Brooklyn or NYC haha. But to answer the question...for quality chill purposes, let's say Roy's Hall in Blairstown. For punk gut wrenching purposes, I'll say the Meatlocker in Montclair. Artistically, Index Art Center in Newark. For a good in between of all that, FM Bar in Jersey City! Please note this is all north Jersey stuff cause that's where I'm from. There is probably so much more I have no clue about!!


What was your most memorable performance, and why?

Hmm. About a week ago we played at Index Art Center in Newark and I decided it would be a great idea to spin myself and wrap myself up in all my chords while playing until I couldn't move anymore just for pure fun. That was a good time and memorable for me hahah.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Usually nature and those little giant things called feelings.

What was the intention with this EP New Morning Light?

To get 3 good fun songs that show the best of who we are as a band out into the universe.

If you could go to a bowling alley with any three people, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

I'd take a few of my best friends cause that's who I care about and have fun with these days haha.

What is your favorite post-show / performance activity (i.e., hit a bar, sleep, diner…)?

I love to go back into my moonlight powered UFO and fly back to my home planet in total silence and solitude.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Time stopping so I'm never late to everything anymore! And then I could stop the days for hours when I play music so I can do everything!!!

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

YES!!! Thank you to everyone for the continuous support and for your support to other musicians as well!! Really, it is a big pain in the butt sometimes to keep on doing music publicly, especially in the NYC area, and a little bit of support goes a super long way! So thanks! You keep me going and I am grateful.

Sean Maldjian