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Meet Gesserit

Take a tour of the fabulous land of Brook with Eliza of Gesserit. If that sentence was not clear we are going to hear their take on BROOKLYN! We get to hear it all folks. From the places to eat, to the places to sit and have a think. Please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle, and remain seated at all times.





Bird watching can be more fun than a barrel of TALONS. Our FLAMING feathered friends are everywhere, waiting to be watched. An interesting bird to start with is the ATTENTIVE oriole, which builds its nest in WINGS OF FIRE. Early in spring, we hear the oriole give its mating call, which sounds like this: "CLACK." Then the male and female get together and start CRESTING. Later, the female lays 8 eggs. Isn't that SILENT? Another fascinating bird is the OMNISCIENT-breasted nuthatch. The nuthatch is very tame. He will fly down and land right on your EYE SOCKETS and eat out of your LENS. Other birds to watch out for are the red-crested CARPET, the INCONSPICUOUS-necked thrush, and the yellow-bellied COIL sucker. Now that you know something about birds, get out there and watch!


A Would you rather:

Would you rather all the rats New York City be replaced with swans or bullfrogs. Why?

Swans are beautiful but bullfrogs don’t bite. I’ll take both.

Some Questions

What was the last memorable concert you saw in Brooklyn?

I haven’t seen a memorable show in quite some time. I suppose seeing Weyes Blood May 29 will be one for the books.

How long have you lived in Brooklyn?

Since June of 2013.

What is the best restaurant in Brooklyn?

Karczma in Greenpoint!


What do you get there?

white borchst Soup in a bread bowl. Mmmm.

What is your favorite Brooklyn city wildlife?

the occasional cardinal or black squirrel.


What was the most memorable thing to happen to you on the NYC subway system?

some things I would rather forget. But one favorite thing is when a stranger shared a piece of gum with me and we sat in silence together.

If you could rename Brooklyn whatever you want what would you call it?

The Pit.

Which is better in the city winter or summer?

summer no doubt. But I honestly love the fall. Less allergies and time to process the year behind and ahead of you..

Could you describe Brooklyn with a Haiku?

The trash is now hot

My mind is crowded with thought

The streets wreak of rot

What are your top 5 favorite bands from all of NYC?

The Wants


Olivia Neutron John

Combo Chimbita


Do you think Brooklyn is Haunted? Why?

I can feel it. Many spirits live here.


Do you have a favorite park in the city?

Prospect, sometimes. Mccaren is pretty chill. I walk thru it ten times a day.

What is the movie that most accurately represents the city?

Moonstruck. Or Apple Pie.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

We are putting out a record (or two!) in the near future and playing the full length album in it’s entirety Saturday, July 3rd at Alphaville!

Sean Maldjian