Girl Germs | The Family Interviews


Meet Girl Germs

Gosh darn I was going through some serious Girl Germ withdrawal! Thankfully they have returned to our humble blog to take part in another rip roaring interview. We will learn all kinds of new things from our dear friends. From the best food to eat while drunk, to their slogans if they were to run for public office. I know what mine would be LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!



I was BITING along on the sidewalk when an alien BAKED me. I was POURED into their PILLOW and it blasted off. Then the alien asked me to SHAKE on the TV. I was surprised they spoke english. the aliens had a pet BEAVER. We ordered a BALL and it tasted good. As we came back into the galaxy, one alien asked me if I wanted a BOOT. I said no but I would like a CACTUS. He got it for me and then dropped me off at my HOT TUB. Then I realized I had been gone for 44 years!


Would you rather…

have two heads or ten legs? Please explain why.

Peta: I just thought that two head would be better for public transport, because ten legs would take up a lot of space. Also, you could theoretically have a 360 view of the world

Layla: Ten legs, because having a second head has a lot of risk involved. Like maybe I would get along with my second head really well, but maybe my second head is a massive jerk.

Kahlia: Two heads so I could harmonise with myself

If you were running for mayor what would your slogan be?

Peta: Fuck you, pay me

Layla: the first verse of Sugar Town by Nancy Sinatra

Kahlia: Have a good one

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everything. Each other, our experiences, the people around us, the music we love, art, food, the movies we grew up on, our families. Were inspired by a need to be heard and understood. We have things to say and I that keeps us going.

What was the intention with this latest EP Boys Club?

Most of the Boys Club EP was written in the first month of us being a band. When we started we didn’t have any intention other than to play and see what happened. We were all just itching to start a band. The intention came naturally, because we are three women, of similar ages, with shared experiences. We value ourselves and each other and what we have to say. And we have a lot to say, I think more than we even realised.

What is objectively the best drunk food, and why?

Layla: Chippies

Peta: Pizza

Layla: True

Peta: Chicky noodles

Layla: Chicky noodles!

Peta: all salty and warm

Layla: salty warm foods are good

Kahlia: The best drunk food is pasta because it is the best food period.


If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Kahlia: Teleportation

Layla: an Animagus like in harry potter. I wanna be a bird.

Peta: My first though is talk to animals


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

We’re about to slow down on shows for a while to start writing some more tunes so stay tuuuned. We don’t know where it will go, but we’re excited. Everyone should start a band, because band is therapy. Thank you for supporting us through ours.

Sean Maldjian