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Meet Glitterer

There is something about glitter. It clings. It cloys. It shows up in your apartment three years after that questionable Halloween costume choice. But hey ho, it sure is pretty. 

No get ready to GLITTER...ER. Straight outta Pennsylvania and into Brooklyn, Ned Russin moved to the big city and felt the need to shine. Dare I say, sparkle. Enter his latest project, Glitterer, a rock band to its core that creates sonic and spirited tunes guaranteed to get you feeling some kind of way. Russin’s work is cohesive and self-aware, with catchy choruses and solid arrangements. Fresh off his latest release, Looking Through The Shades, we called this shiny artist up to get all the deets. 

Below we learn all about his affinity for the fine arts, his take-out habits, and a deep appreciation for tactical bowl cuts. 

Intrigued? Grab some chinese food and some hair clippers and read on below!


Some questions with Glitterer

Digital, Records, CD, or Cassette. Which is your favorite format of music? Why?

I think the way that you listened to music as a kid is probably a person's most used medium. I grew up in the iPod era and I think that's still the way I listen to music most. I don't stream music, I listen to records on an iPod. I think an actual record is the best way to listen to music - it sounds the best and the packaging is by far the best and is definitely my favorite - but I don't always have the ability to sit down and listen to a record. 

What is the food you get delivered most often? Do you have a favorite place to get it from?

Chinese food is the only food I really get delivered. I just moved so I don't have any go tos, but my last apartment I liked to order from Coco Lin in Queens, NY.

The artwork for your latest release "Looking Through The Shades" utilizes a lot of red. what was the thought behind that art direction?

I've been very interested in monochromatic pieces and bright colors over the last couple of years, taking inspiration from different painters, designers, photographers, what have you. I had the idea for the record cover that was the red blinds in front of a red background and it just kept getting more and more red. It became red hoodie and red text so basically everything is red. We tried some monochromatic aspects for the 1st record cover, but this one turned out to be basically just one color which I think worked out well. Two of the biggest influences for the cover were Matisse's Red Studioand the cover Big Brother issue number 4.

When do you typically practice? Morning? Night?

I recently started practicing around noon and that has been good. Before I've almost exclusively practiced at night but I've enjoyed the change of scenery.

What has been the biggest change you have seen producing your third release as Glitterer compared to the very first album from 2017?

The most noticeable change is the instrumentation. The first record was just bass, synth, and pretty sparse programmed drums. The LP has real drums, bass, guitar, synths, and keys. But on top of all of that, I think that doing the band for almost two years now has allowed me to figure out what Glitterer sounds like and how to best achieve that. The songs feel more realized and cohesive to me now. I'm not trying so much to sound like "Glitterer" but am instead just trying to follow the logic of the songs and have that be the connecting thread that pulls you throughout the album.

Where did you grow up? Did it shape the music you are making today?

I grew up in a small town called Kingston, PA, a suburb of Wilkes-Barre, which is one of the most important things about my musical foundation. The bands and people that existed in Wilkes-Barre gave me my taste and also helped foster my interest in music. But the most important factor might have been that the town was boring. Extremely boring. There was nothing to do, and very little interest in supporting young people's interest. So because of that my friends and I immersed ourselves in music - going to shows, listening to and starting our own bands, essentially doing whatever we could do to be more involved.

Where do you go to escape the city?

I just moved from New York but the places that are the best for escape are the most crowded places - parks or bookstores - because there are so many people interested in their own lives there that you can just slip through he cracks and enjoy some nice time to yourself.

What hairstyle would you like to see become popular in 2019?

I'm not very invested in hairstyles. But that being said some of my friends like tactical bowl cuts.

Do you have any routines/rituals during a practice?

No I don't, I really just try to play the songs.

If you had to pick one what is your favorite commercial jingle?

"Wyoming Valley Motors / making good deals, making good friends."

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Glitterer has a new record coming out on July 12, 2019 called "Looking Through The Shades" and I'll be playing a lot of shows.

Sean Maldjian