HIGH WAISTED | The Family Interviews



Grab your jeans and hike them WAY up, because we got ourselves an interview with High Waisted. Some of the family first saw them play at their annual summer boat party on the Hudson. Dawning a combination of Hawaiian shirts and glitter while slinging out high-energy surf rock jams (that paired nicely with the party’s free PBR), it’s easy to see why we were interested in learning more about this super fun NYC group.

We talked about their influences, upcoming projects, and (most importantly) what animal they'd want to be trapped in a closet with.




It was during the battle of Umbrella when I was running through a tea when a Burger the Cat went off right next to my platoon. Our Ballerina yelled for us to chew our way to the nearest Muncie, Indiana we could find.

When we got to the Muncie, Indiana we decided to start a fire. As we were starting the fire, the enemy saw the scrambled eggs from the fire and started wiggling candles at us. We all quickly ducked behind the palm tree at the Muncie, Indiana and returned fire. we quickly eliminated the enemy and were raging that we had won the battle.


Would you rather be trapped in a dark closet with a swan or a scorpion? Please explain why.

Swan, because I don't think it would murder me. And if it did that would be a funnier headline for the newspaper.

How old were you when you knew you wanted to make music? …Also do you remember my brother lifting you for a crowd surf at some PBR boat cruise event? It’s okay if you don’t haha I just really loved that show!!

I didn't start making music until my mid twenties, found it later in life than I would have liked. And oh my gosh I don't remember him exactly but I do remember crowd surfing. We throw that boat show every year and every year I end surfing on top of people!

What is your first memory regarding music?

Listening to Steve Miller cassettes on my fisher price walkman.

Listening to this album I get the feeling of a garage band with a real surf vibe. Who were your influences?

New York City. Lost loves. The first day of summer.

If someone never heard your work what song would you play for them?


What food do you eat on the road?

Lots of soup. Hummus. Clementines.

How many legs are too many legs?

I'm happy with just two.

Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

We have a new record coming out and the final boat show this summer.

If you were offered a free tattoo right now, what would you get?

A small hamburger

If you were an onomatopoeia which one would you be?


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Be kind and believe in yourself.

Sean Maldjian