Holy Golden | The Family Interviews

Photo curtesy of Dana Trippe @trippydana - styled by Hannah Riley @hannahriley___

Photo curtesy of Dana Trippe @trippydana - styled by Hannah Riley @hannahriley___

Meet Holy Golden

Wake up my little sleepwalkers! The time has come to once again get to know another amazing musical talent. Today we got a chance to ask Holy Golden some questions. Take a peak below to see what came out of the rumble.


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A MAD-LIB By Holy Golden

I enjoy long, Luscious walks on the beach, getting Moved in the rain and serendipitous encounters with Dollhouses. I really like piña coladas mixed with Turpentine, and romantic, candle-lit Candles. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to Salvador Dali. I travel frequently, especially to Palace Of Fontainebleau, when I am not busy with work. (I am a Magician.) I am looking for Angels and beauty in the form of a Human goddess. She should have the physique of Cardi B and the Mask of Marielle. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my Chariots. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 7 days ago, and I have since become more Humongous.


Would you rather have two cats for feet, or two very small wheels for feet? Also please tell us why.

Andrew: As nice as it would be to always have two cats around, sometimes you’re on your feet all day and they hurt and I don’t want to hurt cats - so small wheels. 

Leslie: If it wouldn’t hurt the cats, then I’d say cats so I could acquire a bonus of 18 lives and also it would be much easier to get up and down stairs and jump up on counters. 

How long have you been making music?

From the moment we met (answer in madlib) 

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Feelings. Love. Stories. Saints and Sinners. 

What was the intention with this latest album Sleepwalkers in the Milky Way?

The intention for making music is always the same in a way. To express the truth of how you feel at that moment in the best way you know how. At the time of making Sleepwalkers, we were tapping into an ancient system of card magic and applying it to our own stories. Letting go of the need to get validation and finding inner strength. Now we’re writing the next album and it’s very different. 

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Leslie: I wish I could make people find peaceful resolutions through communicating instead of fighting and hurting each other.

Andrew: I'd have the power to rid the world of hate and make all the plastic waste and weapons disappear.

Any final comments?

We have a secret and you don’t know what it is. 

Sean Maldjian