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Photo by  Richard Gin

Photo by Richard Gin

Meet Infinity Shred

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! A phrase that colored many of our childhoods, no doubt. Can we just talk a minute about how big of a statement that actually is? “Infinity” is HUGE! It’s ENDLESS. How am I supposed to go beyond? Pixar was really going after some metaphysical stuff. 

Now enter Infinity Shred, a NYC-based project that combines metal with synth and electronic and math and a whole bunch of other stuff. Dare I say, they are limitless?? I don’t know. They make dreamy and sci-fi noises so we called them fresh off their latest release, Forever, A Fast Life. 

Below we talk to them about the writing music and living life in the fast lane, the superiority of Dance Dance Revolution, and bank robberies. 



A MAD-LIB By Infinity Shred

No story ever told seems to INCREDIBLYcapture the hearts and GAME BOYS of HANDSOME readers as does the legend of King Arthur and the DJS of the TRUTHFUL table. If we choose to believe the Arthur legend and go along with the story that this SENTIENT king removed from a WILLING stone the DECEITFUL sword called Excalibur, then we are giving ourselves permission to enjoy this evening's performance. So without further ado let us visit the kingdom of Camelot, where LOVING knights give away BON JOVI TICKETS, rescue a HORSE WHISPERER in a VERY LONG SLEEVE SHIRT, and ride off on majestic HORSES in search of adventure.


Would You Rather…

all the glass in the world be made of stained glass, or every light in the world is replaced with a disco ball? Why?

Disco balls do not generate light but only reflect it so this proposed world would be void of light (very dangerous). I will take stained glass even though I am not thrilled about it.


What was your first live performance like as Infinity Shred?

Blip Festival 2012 at The Gramercy Theater. We had just grown out of our chiptune shell known as Starscream and it was super exciting to do something that felt brand new after years of Game Boy and drums. We most likely did a very bad job performing but I remember it fondly.

Where are you usually at a house party?

Outdoor space / with dog


What is your favorite word/phrase?

Horny. There is never an appropriate use case - it always sounds bad.

What was the first instrument you learned to play?

Bass guitar - sometimes Nate wants me to start playing again for Infinity Shred but it just makes me think of 7th grade

What was the process like working on this upcoming album "Forever A Fast Life"

We wrote most of it in a creative flurry at the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017 - it is the most naturally an album has ever come to us. Recording it / feeling like it was worth our time was the hard part. Life comes at you fast and we were very much at a loss with what to do with ourselves as a band after we finished a big round of touring in 2017.

Which was better Rock Band, Guitar Hero, or Dance Dance Revolution?

DDR 100%. There are so many songs that are so dear to me I probably would not have been exposed to without DDR and that’s just absolutely not true of the other two. Please include Donkey Konga on future versions of this interview.


Have you or would you ever break up with someone over text message? why?

If it was someone I went on a few dates with, sure. If it’s someone I’ve been with seriously for a long time then I would do everything I could to make sure it happened in person but hey there truly never is a “good” time to breakup with someone.

Have there been any recent technological innovations that you want to work into your musical production?

On my end no - I’d really like to buy as little gear as possible going forward. I am very excited that Nate has decided to switch to using an AXEFX on tour though because it’s way nicer to travel with than a pedal board and an amp.

What is your dream bank robbery scenario? (location, methods, is it a success/mess)?

It is the movie Inside Man starring Clive Owen. Clive Owen and I kiss until the bank gives us all of the money (he is very handsome). We split it evenly, go our separate ways (he leaves on a horse) and we never speak again.


If given a limitless budget to incorporate into a live performance what would you do?

Handsome dancers

Skatepark on stage

Universal Healthcare

Abolish ICE

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

It is not always easy to feel like making music and putting ourselves out there is a worthwhile endeavor. Thank you very much to everyone who has shown even the smallest amount of support over the years and continued to remind us why it is worth it to keep sharing <3

Sean Maldjian