JUICEB☮X | The Family Interviews



Few things hit the spot like when you’re six years old and crack open a cold one on a hot summer’s day. That’s right, nothing goes down easier than a fresh box of Minute Maid, or Welch’s, or even Hi-C!

So many juices, so little time.

We called up an equally delectable Juicebox to quench your thirsty thirst. This NYC producer creates such refreshing rhythms, you’ll forget all about those Capri-Sun’s in your fridge. 

Below, we chat all things musical collaboration, parental influence, and LSD-dropping bats.



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Would You Rather…

have a hundred extra mouths or a thousand extra eyes? Why?

A thousand extra eyes for sure. It would be sick to be able to observe everything with more precision/clarity. Maybe these extra eyes would allow me to see new colors/wavelengths. We already make enough noise with just one mouth (though one could sing some pretty dank harmonies with a hundred extra mouths...)


Some Questions with JUICEB☮X

What is the creative process typically like when collaborating with another artist?

It definitely differs from artist to artist. If possible, I try and get in the same room as the person I'm collaborating with. The energy and connection is way more organic that way. If they are most comfortable on a certain instrument I'll have em hop on that and we'll just jam until we come up with any dope ideas. Collaboration is awesome cause a lot of the time you end up making something you would never have made on your own. Can't stress being in the same room enough.


Who did the artwork on the cover of your 2019 album "Circadian Rhythm"

My homie Dustin Capek from high school. He is a suuuuper talented artist. He also did the artwork for Nebel and is working on another cover as we speak! His instagram is @dustincapek.


Who was a significantly influential family member growing up?

My Father has been a huge inspiration/influence my whole life. He put me on to a lot of great music and is just an overall kind, funny and amazing guy. He always says he still feels like a 14 year old and it shows. He is super passionate about what he does and still lives with that youthful intensity and vigor. L's up for Larry!


Who would be your dream director to work with on a music video?

Spike Jonze


Do you have a piece of musical gear that you have been really into lately?

I've been playing my acoustic a lot lately. It's a Taylor 114CE.


How do you typically layer your music as you are creating it? Where does it start?

It really depends on what I'm working on. When making a beat, I usually start with the drums and add things on from there (though sometimes I'll start with a sample or a chord progression). I'm definitely a practitioner in letting the beat build. Most of my guitar based music is written on guitar first and then I add drums. From there I fiddle around with bass lines and will add some lead lines/trippy lil things throughout. For my rap stuff, I just throw on the beat. If it's fire and I connect to it the lyrics will just flow out.

If you had control of all bats on the earth what would you do with them?

I'd make each bat carry a tab of LSD or some Molly and have them drop it into the cups of every politician/leader in the world. They'd have life changing epiphanies realizing they've been doing horrible things in the name of power and greed. They'd change their ways and live the rest of their lives working to bring peace and understanding to the world.


What is your take on the NYC music scene? Does it inspire collaboration or competition?

The NYC music scene is cool. I moved to LA 6 months ago, but I feel like both places definitely inspire collaboration. Maybe LA a bit more than NY. I never really got a sense of competition in either places, but I will say it can be hard to get booked if you don't link up with/know the right people.

If you were performing as a cover band for some event, maybe Halloween, what band would you cover? What would your name be?

Hmmmm. If it was Halloween I'd be in a band that strictly played "This is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas over and over again. We'd play the song in every genre possible. Our band name would be The Tightmare B4 Fistmas

What movie has your favorite soundtrack?

OoOoOo that's a tough one... Goodfellas is up there for sure. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind has a pretty great soundtrack as well. I will say one of my favorite movie scene/music match ups is the first scene of Vanilla Sky when Everything in Its Right Place starts playing. Pure gold.

Do you think with all the technology at everyone's disposal it is easier or more difficult to create music?

In terms of things like Ableton and being able to use Youtube to look up how to play certain songs, I think it's definitely more accessible & easier to get a foot in the door. Anyone can throw something together and call it music, but I think songwriting is just as difficult as it's always been and that's what it's truly all about. 

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

I recently put a time limit on my social media apps (15 mins a day) and it's been great. Everyone should meditate. Been working on tons of new music in many different genres & am excited to get it out into the ethos. PEACE!

Sean Maldjian