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Meet Kaycie Satterfield

You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Dallas BBQ out of New York City. That’s a crowd favorite. 
Now, it’s been a while since we featured a proper southern belle on this here blog. Indie artist and singer-songwriter Kaycie Satterfield may be a recent NYC transplant, but keeps true to her Southern roots.  Her recent release, Women’s Fiction (which we reviewed HERE), explores the female experience alongside some stellar riffs. 

Below we chat about HOT GIRL SUMMER, Bop-Its, and implore you to remain hydrated.  


TV VIEWING TIPS: A Mad-Lib by Kaycie Satterfield

"Everybody Loves MARSHALL": Tonight we learn what happens to a BULBOUS husband when he forgets it's his anniversary and invites his buddies over to the house for an all night poker OTTOMAN.

"Monday Night WEENUS.Ball": The New York GEESE play the St. Louis PLANTS in a game that will decide who goes to the COOL Bowl.

"60 CHIPS": Investigates the SWEET practice of laundering counterfeit BOOKS through ERRONEOUS banks in the WARREN Islands.

State of the FORKLIFT Speech: The President is scheduled to deliver his HOT address before a HEINOUS session of Congress, telecast from the House of LAWYERS.


Would You Rather…

be trapped in Degrassi or Full House? What would you do?

Full House because I’d rather not relive high school? TBH spoiler alert because most people probably haven’t watched Fuller House but I’d probably be a love interest of Stephanie Taylor in Fuller House. What can I say.

Some Questions With Kaycie Satterfield

What is your favorite restaurant in New York City? What do you get there?

Ooo. I love to eat. Xian Famous Foods, I get pulled noodle soup. Or, if I want to treat myself, Llama Inn in Williamsburg. I’ve only been once, but it was some of the best food I’ve ever had.


What was the best piece of advice you ever received?

Take your time. Applicable to most things.

Who are your top three bands active in NYC right now?

Lohai, Softee, Surfbort

If you could make one change to the way the music industry is today what would it be?

Women would be gatekeepers/ in high positions in the industry at LEAST as often as men. Preferably more.

Who did the illustrations for your latest three singles?

I actually did! I hand-drew them.

Do you view music as a platform to raise awareness about issues you are passionate about?

I don’t, personally, though I think that people can use music effectively in that way. I see public persona as a platform to raise awareness about issues I’m passionate about and I think that anyone with any power or influence should be speaking up about the things they’d like to see change in the world. But my music it’s self is more confessional. It draws from my own experience, so issues I’m passionate about inevitably come up. But it’s not necessarily about raising awareness for me. It’s about speaking to each and every corner of my very specific experience as a human and hoping that some of what I say resonates with someone.

Can your music be broken down to a formula?

Ah, not really! I try to mix up song form and add unique elements to my songs. I do have this zany idea, though, that every song can be 2 min and 45 seconds. Fully fleshed out, with a dynamic and emotional arc. So I try to keep all of my songs to about that. Also, I just wrote my first ever song with a guitar solo, which is funny because I play so much guitar. But I just genuinely don’t think that many songs need them.

What is your favorite phrase?


What is the all-time best toy from your childhood? Why?

Bop-it’s because they really primed us for adult life I think.


Have you ever had a supernatural experience? What happened?

Haha. No, unless you count the first time I heard Blue by Joni Mitchell or the time my friends and I got too stoned and watched the Jimmy Neutron and Timmy Turner movie. I’m not very superstitious, but my dad swears there are ghosts in my parents’ house so there's that.

Can you give us your essential items for surviving summer in New York City?

Um, a big-ass refillable water bottle, a fan, a refrigerator large enough to fit yourself in, clothing that truly covers the bare minimum of skin lol.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Just like, vote ok??? Drink water, get enough sleep, spend your last month of #hotgirlsummer well, that’s all!

Sean Maldjian