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Photo curtesy of Dana Trippe @trippydana - styled by Hannah Riley @hannahriley___

Photo curtesy of Dana Trippe @trippydana - styled by Hannah Riley @hannahriley___

Meet La Fille

Another day, another chance to read a little bit from one o our musical friends. Todays La Fille shares words of wisdom with the rest of the class. You may remember him from such reviews as “I’m movin’ on”. That was the single we reviewed a few weeks back. Part of their larger album “Alright Already” Which releases on March 15th. Have a listen to the music using the little bandcamp player below. Also read on to find out all kinds of fun stuff about La Fille!


Be Kind

A MAD-LIB By La Fille

Be kind to your Hundred Dollar Bill-footed Sausage And Mushrooms
For a duck may be somebody`s Pizza,
Be kind to your Sausage And Mushrooms in The Dirty Jerz
Where the weather is always Crusty.

You may think that this is the Alfredo Sauce,
Well it is.


Would you rather always be crying, or always have your nose running a lot. Also tell us why.

Crying for sure. I’m really good at it. It’s also easy to make up different excuses for crying. When you’re snotty, no one wants anything to do with you. You’re basically damaged goods.

How long have you been making music?

A bit of a loaded question. So, I’ll try to keep it brief. I’ve been writing songs for the better part of 15 years. La Fille started as a solo project of mine back in 2014 while living in New Jersey after my band at the time broke up. Then I moved to Seattle in 2015 and started writing what would become Alright Already. During that time, I met our drummer, Joe Oakes, who helped with many of the performances on the record. Afterwards, we put together a live band and have been playing together for about two years now.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Musically, from other artists I admire. Lately I’ve been on a big Angel Olsen and Toro y Moi kick. Not to mention, living in Seattle, there are just so many good bands to learn from. I’ve also been finding a lot of inspiration from lessons learned in growing up, using songwriting as a way of trying to understand myself.

What was the intention with your latest album "Alright Already"

To escape from all the pretense and bullshit I had protected myself with. It was a proverbial “coming out of my shell” which was a result from leaving home for the first time. Basically, just learning to accept who I am and to quit trying to avoid all of my problems.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

I just read this morning where someone was proposing a Placebo superhero. Where everyone thinks they’re the greatest and solves all the world's problems, but they don’t have any superpowers. I think that’s pretty legit. Get all the credit for doing the good without any of the responsibilities to actually make it happen.

Any final comments?

Yeah, we’re all just trying our best. Challenging who you are versus who you want to be isn’t easy. In my case, I was able to find some compassion for myself through learning to be vulnerable. I’m hoping that message comes across to people once they hear the record, so I’m excited for Alright Already to be out on March 15. Oh yeah, and a very special thank you to Sean, Nell, Meg, and Meghan for being so kind to our song “I’m Movin’ On.”

Sean Maldjian