Las Hormiguitas (Ryan) | The Family Interviews


Meet Las Hormiguitas

Las Hormiguitas is fun to say and funner to listen to. Comprised of a couple of punks (or many, who knows!), the band bashes out trashy riffs and shreds their way through the sludgy depths of New York. Those of you who frequent the Brooklyn music scene will have undoubtedly come across this cast of characters in your late night travels. 

We caught up with the leader of the pack, Rylan, and subjected him to our usual baloney. Below, he reveals his favorite park, the importance of a fridge, and dressing room demands. 


THE OBSERVATORY: A Mad-Lib by Las Hormiguitas

Our class went on a field trip to a VIEJO observatory. It was located on top of a PERRO, and it looked like a giant SEÑORA with a slit down its PROBLEMA. We went inside and looked through a SOCIEDAD and were able to see PESOS in the sky that were millions of COLORES away. The men and women who HACER in the observatory are called MESES, and they are always watching for comets, eclipses, and shooting SÁNDWICHES. An eclipse occurs when a VIDA comes between the earth and the MOMENTO and everything gets DELICIOSA. Next week, we plan to TENER the Museum of Modern MUNDO.


Would You Rather…

If you could only eat burritos or pizza for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

This is a tough one for me because I’m originally from Southern California where burritos originated. However, I live and have lived in New York City for nearly 15 years where pizza is the go to food of choice for a lot of people. So I guess it would depend on where the burrito and pizza are from. If I’m in  California, I’m not trying to eat pizza and if I’m in New York I’m definitely not trying to get down with some black beans, white rice and grilled chicken that’s wrapped in a whole  wheat tortilla from Trader Joe’s. That shit’s gross dude!


Some Questions With Las Hormiguitas

What is objectively the best "drunk food", and why?

Best drunk food would have to be pizza for me. Mostly cause it’s quick and easy. When you’re hammered, you gotta keep it simple.

What is your take on the current state of punk music today?

I don’t really know how to answer this. Newer punk music is not really on my radar. Or maybe it is and I just don’t realize it. Punk music for me has always been more of an attitude or a way of thinking rather than a style of music. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of punk music but I think it’s hard to put it in a box cause there’s so many sub-genres of it. So what type of punk music are we referring to? I know there are people and bands out there making punk music but it’s not something I pursue to listen to a lot of the time. That being said, I do get excited when I hear bands like The Spits or OFF! putting out new music.


Where is the best music store in New York City?

The best music store in New York is EBay. Just kidding. This is hard cause I feel like every single one that I like have been total dicks to me at least once when I’ve been in to buy shit. Rivington Guitars in the East Village is pretty good but they will most certainly size you up when you walk in and they really don’t like you to touch the merchandise but if you’re looking for something specific, they’re the place to go for me. South Side Guitars in Williamsburg is good as well but they are total assholes. Main Drag is great for window shopping and they’re not rude which is nice, but they also aren’t much help if you need something specific.


What is one thing you would want to change about the music industry?

I wish the digital aspect of music and how we listen to music would slow down a bit. I mean I love the idea that anyone, anywhere can record a song and put it out immediately into the world, digitally. It’s amazing. But I do feel that something gets lost on the process. It changes how people listen to music. There’s something about going into a record store or going to a show and buying a record. A tangible piece of music. Seeing the album art, holding it in your hands, putting it on and listening to it start to finish. That doesn’t really happen with digital music, at least not for me. When’s the last time you listened to an album start to finish on Spotify, Apple Music or any other digital platform?

What makes a performance a success to you?

A good show for me is all about the energy in the room. If the crowd is into it, it’s all that matters. I don’t care if there’s 5 or 500 people there, if the energy is good I’m happy. I’ve played some of my best shows to no people. Hahahaha!


What is your favorite park in New York City?

My favorite park in New York City is probably Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick. If you’ve ever been you’ll know why.


What has been your biggest high as a band?

Biggest high as a band would have to be playing shows. Since our inception as a band I’ve always tried to book really good shows. People often ask why we don’t play out more in New York and the answer is simple; Quality over quantity. I’d rather play 5 good shows than 20 so so ones. We want the shows to be enjoyable. Not only for us but the people who come to see us.

What is your ideal practice space?

Somewhere with a fridge. We recently got a refrigerator for our rehearsal space and it’s amazing. Always stocked with cold beer!


What three things would you demand to be in your dressing room?

A clean toilet, sour patch kids and beer!

What is your dream neighborhood to live in, and why?

Rincon, Puerto Rico. It’s sunny, warm and there’s waves.


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)


Sean Maldjian