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Meet Jose Boyer

Gosh darn this guy makes some rocking tunes. Lets bang our heads! Not too hard though. For one nobody needs to throw out their necks, and also, the bands rocking maintains a super swell subdued demeanor. Its that cool kind of rock that insists on wearing a snazzy suit even in the blistering heat of the summer seasons. We are talking seriously cool people. We are talking full band driving inside of a three person motorcycle cool. What the heck are you still doing up here get down below to the coolest interview this blog has ever seen!



A MAD-LIB By Jose Boyer

How dumb can you network TOES be? They cancel a FUNNY show such as “I want to be your EX STEP GRANDFATHER" and replace it with another one of those SPICY reality shows. Why don't they take all those REALLY FUNNY TV executives, put them in a WALLET, and leave them there to AWAKEN!
Signed: a SECOND-HAND Viewer

Believe me, television is going to the RATS. I can't believe the TOES they're dishing out. What's being offered to the SUPER SPICY public is truly mind-QUICKENING.
Signed: A Disenchanted PINKY TOE

I think today's sitcoms are just as BIG as the golden RAT TOES of the past. What needs to be eliminated are those REALLY BIG COBBLESTONES.
Signed: A Confirmed Couch CARROT


Would You Rather…

be the greatest juggler in the world or the greatest hypnotist? What would you do with your new found powers?

Neither appeals. I suppose hypnotist would be my answer. Juggling is all showing off, but at least putting people under hypnosis would give you some insight into their minds a bit, right? You can’t hypnotize someone who doesn’t want to be, so it’s not like I could hypnotize Donald Trump and then tell him to walk into the ocean or anything… I think the only thing you could do with these skills is put on stage shows. 

If the price was no option what would be the perfect dessert?

Free Tiramisu is the best dessert.

Do you have a favorite park to visit in New York City? Why is it your favorite?

Central Park is my favorite because it is so huge so I can wander around or sit, and I never know which of the two I’m going to want to do until i get there.


What was the first song you learned how to play?

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

What was the last concert you attended that inspired you?

I don’t get inspiration from concerts. Just hearing loss.

What is the all-time best toy from your childhood? Why?

I wanted a Super Soaker and I got a squirt gun shaped like a fish. That spat water. It’s the best because I was so disappointed with it at the time but now I think my parents were being really cool to avoid mainstream machine gun toys.


Are you better at thumb wrestles or staring contests?

Staring contests (with myself in the mirror)


What is the one sound you can not stand to hear?

“It is what it is"

If you were performing as a cover band for some event, maybe Halloween, what band would you cover? What would your name be?

I would not do this probably ever. But I’d go see my friends do it.

How did you approach creating your latest single “Diamond Dust”?

As I recall, that one came together all in one day. Usually it’ll start with a little chord progression, and I’ll begin by recording that, and then keep adding elements. Once that’s done, I restart the whole thing as a second demo with adjustments to the tempo or key. Then I’ll just keep adding until it’s done and then bring it to the band. Normally I’d bring them a demo with no drums or bass so they could feel free to create their own parts, but in this case the songs were all mostly done by me, and the band improved all of my stuff by being great at their instruments, but they didn’t really get a chance to fully create their own bass and drum parts. Diamond Dust and the EP that contains it chronicle a brief but solitary period of my recent past so it makes sense I’d be fully demoing these to completion, but that’s not our usual style.

Do you have a piece of musical gear that you are really into right now?

I have a pedal called the Vibe Machine from Drybell which is a modern version of a 60’s pedal called the Uni-Vibe and it sounds really good and i just turn the intensity down and keep it on the whole time. Any huge nerd who is into subtle trippiness should check it out although it was pretty pricy.


If you could make everyone in the world do the same thing at the same time what would it be?

Quit being a dick.

Sean Maldjian