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photo by kayhl cooper

photo by kayhl cooper

Meet Lina Tullgren

Lina Tullgren trades in slow-moving melodies and introspective lyrics.  Hailing from New England, currently based in Queens, we called them up to discuss fragility within music, their incessant caffeine consumption, and desire to achieve Yanni status. Intrigued? Read on below. 




Lina Tullgren

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Do you remember the first album you ever bought? Did it shape the kind of music you are making today?

one eye shut for the ability to pull off a stylish eye patch or glass eye . i have a glass eye fantasy.

Do you remember the first album you ever bought? Did it shape the kind of music you are making today?

i think the first album i bought was "white blood cells" by the white stripes which did not shape the music i am making today at all .

What was the first instrument that you had growing up?

i started playing violin at age 8 .

Where does the process begin when you are starting to record a new piece of music

when recording i like to do the guitar and rhythm section with a scratch vocal first .

What have been your favorite albums to come out in 2019?

"valence with tassels" by chris weisman is the only thing i've listened to that's come out this year . it's beautiful ! also new ruth garbus which isn't out yet .

Where do you see you and your music going in the next few years?

japan and south america

Do you have a favorite chord? If you do, why is it your favorite?

i don't know any chords.

What kind of messages do you try to get across with your sound?

the void, hope, change, stability, fragility, quiet

Do you drink coffee or tea? How do you take it?

i drink both things and constantly .

Is there anywhere you would want to get a chance to play that you have not yet already?

the acropolis , like yanni

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