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Photo by Chelsea Dufresne

Photo by Chelsea Dufresne

Meet Lobby Boxer

Hope ya are ready for a knock out. (sorry that was the first and last boxing pun I promiss. Anyway our friends Lobby Boxer are back and this time they are here for an interview. If you did not already read our review of their latest album “Eugene’s Preference” I suggest you check that out here. Now then Lets dive deep into the minds of Lobby Boxer!


A Man of Many Things

A MAD-LIB By Lobby Boxer

Once upon a time, there Fluffed in Fazoli's a man named Slop. He was the Hurl guy. He could Hurl the night away. but then one day he got into an accident and lost the ability to Hurl ever again. He was Pissing when it happened. A Dish-soap came out of nowhere and Peeped him. He was in Purgatory for 4311 months to recover. Then he went to Eugene's Garage to become the first ever Donut. But after 42069 weeks he was fired. He met Dennis. They then got married. .00012 days later they adopted 1987 kids.


Would you rather be able to grow your hair at will or your fingernails? What would you do?

Growing your fingernails would be tight cause you could like shoot ‘em at people. Assuming you could grow them super fast and clip them with your other hand. Infinite fingernail reload.

What was your last dream? (or your most memorable one)

Zach had a dream the other night that Dave Grohl died and it made him real sad. He didn’t know all the details but it was devastating nonetheless.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Max: Music has always been a challenge for me, so the idea of continuing to grow as a player really keeps me going. That and I just like to be the loudest thing in the room so just beating the hell out of some drums makes me feel like I can do anything.

Andrew: I'm inspired by my friends, malls, regional fast food chains, learning about different ways of thinking, and traveling.

Zach: I'm inspired to write because I'm constantly on a search for new sounds and fresh things to listen to. It's exciting to find that fresh idea for the first time and be the only person (or people) who know(s) about it. There's something exhilarating about that temporary secrecy.

What was the intention with this latest album In Our Circle?

Max: Myself and another engineer (Peter Flynn) facilitated the recording of the EP, so a big goal of mine personally was to prove that we were capable of recording something that we were sonically proud of with the resources we had available. It was all tracked in basements and living rooms so it was super gratifying to not only lay down tracks we were proud of, but know that we recorded them ourselves as well. (Shout out to Adam Cichocki & Mike Kalajian for being the real mix/master-meisters)

Andrew: For me, I think before Eugene's Preference, there was a disconnect between how our band truly played together and sounded live, and how the recordings we had portrayed us. These recordings do a better job of getting at what we are and do musically as a band at this moment in time. That is always changing as we evolve and the songs mutate, and going forward hopefully we continue to push things forward in new directions.

Zach: My intention with the guitar was to play less notes and make the ones I do play count. I was also interested in creating sounds that were inspired less by guitar and more by electronic music. Writing from that mindset allowed me to come at this music with a completely fresh perspective. As far as vocals, it was important to me that my melodies were more thoughtful and precise than in previous releases. I actually sat down at a piano and wrote most of them out.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Max: Meat vision.

Zach: I want to make people shit on command.

Andrew: Superpower would be to have complete and total knowledge and recall of all quantifiable statistics regarding anything on Earth.

Any final comments?

Max: Eugene is out there, and he’s watching over us all.

Andrew: If your t-shirt has text, you might be next. If your t-shirt is plain, I'll def see you again.

Zach: Follow us on Spotify.

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