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Photo by Liz Maney

Photo by Liz Maney

Meet Looms

The last time I head the word “Looms” It was in a New York Times article doing a little tell all piece on the production of the Teletubbies TV series. I believe the exact context was on the subject of the large scale of the Teletubbies themselves: “Tinkie Winkie looms at a whopping 10 feet tall.” Just let that sit in your mind a little bit. Hey Looms is here everybody! A good old fashion Brooklyn based band cranking out some very excited but still kinda chill vibes. They are all geared up to release a new record this May Called “The Way up” While we wait on that lets hear a little bit from the band.


Sick Note

A MAD-LIB By Looms

Dear School Nurse:

The Universe Finklestein will not be attending school today. He has come down with a case of Gullain-Barre and has horrible Scorpions and a Putrid fever. We have made an appointment with the Scathing Dr. Twinkie, who studied for many years in Prison and has 11 degrees in pediatrics. He will send you all the information you need. Thank you!


Mrs. Tiny.


Would you rather have a hundred million dollars in your bank account and the unconditional love from everyone on the planet, or have the ability to summon a 30 foot tall lava golem that will do your bidding? And why?

I would rather be able to summon a lava golem. Reason being is that money gets boring eventually and most people don't know what to do with unconditional love. But a tiny demon made of fire is amazing. When people see you guys walking around people will be like “man that guy must be really nice to hang out with lava golem because he's mean." Even mean people need friends. Plus ice cream dates will never be boring.

What was your first live performance together like?

It was a show unlike any other. After we were done the room smelled like burnt popcorn and motor oil.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from the perspiration of the brains chemicals into pleasant or unpleasant scenarios.

Could you paint for us your dream bank robbery scenario? (location, methods, is it a success/mess,)?

Best bank robbery would be covering yourself in garbage and asking only for rolls of quarters while squeezing a burrito pretending its a gun and shaking it all over the counter. The teller would no doubt panic and just start putting 1000s of dollars on the counter.... but you specifically asked for rolled coins....The upside is you will probably get insanity instead of real jail time.

What was the intention with this upcoming album The Way Up?

Looking back on it, I think I was trying to write something that had some hope.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

Two Superpowers. The first would be to make people cry kool aide from their eyes. The second would be to have a super loud voice to draw the attention of bystanders to the person you just made cry kool aide from their eyes.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Date 5/23/1995. Location Chuck E Cheese's Anaheim CA..... I'm broke and need money, specifically a lot of quarters....This garbage can outside is loaded with every disguise you can think of. Old banana, baseball card, blockbuster receipts, half molded orange Julius slushy, some pogs, ball necklace and a lot of sandwich crusts, so I become those things through some saliva and using the miracle of pigeon guano as a glue. Chuck E Chesse's is the known for the great quarter/token scandal of 1993, and you know there is some good loot in there, but i know already from my last incident there, the tickets have no value..The staff is busy because little Johnny decided to rub pizza all over the ball pit. I see my chance and dive onto the animated stage and go full worm, soaking up every token and quarter that's been thrown on that stage for weeks. They stick to the guano. I start running for the door with dozens of quarters. They try to stop me.... then i remember my trusty 7-day old burrito. I pull that thing like I'm Billy the Kid, and black beans are flying everywhere. People are hitting the ground for cover. Just as i stop to reload I realize I'm almost to the door so i throw my orange Julius grenade and escape under an orange plume with a mega haul of $16.50. What a score!!!!!

Sean Maldjian