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Meet lost boy ?

We are happy to report that Lost Boy ? is not, in fact, lost, but is actually very much found right here on this little blog. Specifically, located in Brooklyn, this guitarist takes inspiration from the musical styles and moods of the bygone past 

The result? Some excellent grungy meets vintage vibes that are better than drinking an egg creme in a dirty flannel. 

Below we discuss his floor preference, the potential of cellular devices, and gives an excellent list of top NYC bands y’all need to check out.

Give it a gander and get to listening below. 


FIRE FIGHTERS: A Mad-Lib by lost boy ?

When I was ten years old, my TOOTHLESS ambition in life was to be a fire fighter -- but here I am, nothing but a BELCH(ING) POPCORN. If I were a fire fighter, I'd get to wear a huge, red BANANA HAMMOCK. And I could ride on the fire engines that carry 80-foot CANARIES and travel 1,000,069 miles an hour. When fire engines blow their HOT DOGS, all cars have to pull over to the side of the STOMACH. Fire departments have hook and LIZARD wagons as well as pump trucks which carry ORGANIC hoses that pump DIARRHEA into burning TOMATOES. Fire fighters have to go into WISHY WASHY buildings and fight their way through smoke and BONGO to rescue any FURNITURE who may be trapped inside. We should all be thankful that our fire fighters are on the job twenty-four hours a SAXOPHONE.


Would You Rather…

have an enormous set of antlers or seven-foot-tall stilts for legs? 

I'm already tall might as well have the Antlers too.


Some Questions with lost boy ?

When performing a concert what is your biggest pet peeve?

The stage. I prefer the floor.

As your musical style seems to be constantly changing. How do you decide where to take it next?

I improv a lot, I like the musical quija board. What happens next is up to the universe. A song catches the wave and a theme begins for records but it can also be a singular thought. 


If you could make a musical instrument out of an unconventional material what would it be?

Old and (New) Used cellphones. Perhaps they would perform together in an unrepeating orchestral jam.


If someone hands you an aux cord in an uber what is the song you put on?

Tricky - “Christiansands”

What was your favorite subject in school? Why was it your favorite?

Shop. It was almost every year in middle & high school if i can recall. I enjoyed the process. Sometimes you would pair up with a friend or a group. It was fun to work on projects on your own or with others. It was one of the only places besides art class you could have some creative freedom. 


Who are your top five bands active in NYC right now?

Wow.. thats tough. Theres so many. Ill put more in no order if that's ok.

Sharkmuffin, Def Grls, Holy Tunics, Maneka, Dan Francia, Sam Yeild, Jeffery Lewis, Frankie Cosmos, Shilpa Ray, Dead Tooth, Boytoy, Gustaf, Bethlehem Steel, Bueno, Alexander Orange Drink, Thick, Gobbin Jr., Bad Kiss, Prince Harvey, Pink Mexico, Jonathan Richman.. list goes on and on

With the Project Lost Boy ? Being a solo venture do you still workshop songs with friends?

Always. It happens more often now then it used to. I like the perspective and what someone else can bring to the table of elements. 

Who is your favorite one-hit wonder?

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony (one hit wonder in the states at least)

What does your family think of your music?

I don’t think its for them really. My brother, likes it. (i hope)

Are there any major shifts you have seen take place in the NYC music scene in the last five years?

Better music in general with more variety. The kids got talent!

What is your favorite childhood book? 

Stinky Cheese Man or Grimmy (the dog)


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

If you got to the end of this- Thanks for reading, don’t be an asshole, good luck, and I wish you the best. 

Sean Maldjian