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Meet Modern Diet

What is a modern diet, you may ask? Is it a whole lotta kale and matcha and soylent? Is it Keto? Is avocado toast really ruining our chance to buy a home? And what’s all this kombucha business? I don’t know. I write this as I eat pickles from the jar for dinner so who am I to judge.  

Modern Diet, however, is a real cool Brooklyn band that serve up a delicious blend of indie pop with electro synth. No nutritional value whatsoever, but it sure sounds pretty.

Below we talk about the worst diets, “coloring” your music with Crayon, and the perfect bagel (because carbs). 



A MAD-LIB By Modern Diet

Our class went on a field trip to a SOGGY observatory. It was located on top of an EGGBEATER, and it looked like a giant HISTORY with a slit down its NIGHT. We went inside and looked through a CITY and were able to see COFFEES in the sky and all their WEAKNESSES. The men and women who ADAPT in the observatory are called CHILDREN, and they are always watching for comets, eclipses, and shooting DATA. An eclipse occurs when a SOUP comes between the earth and the DEALER and everything gets MONSTROUS. Next week, we plan to SLIP into the Museum of Modern MOMS.


Would You Rather…

have solid gold teeth or an eyepatch? Why?

Dan: Solid gold teeth because in sixth grade I pretended my braces were grills and I want to have that kind of energy again.


Do you have a favorite venue to play in NYC?

Leah: Sunnyvale has greeeeeat vibes.

Dan: I liked playing Alphaville when we lived directly across the street because it was so close to home.  I think one of the best sets of live music I've ever been a part of was when played at Rough Trade opening up for Future Generations.


What do you think has been the worst diet trend of all time?

Leah: The no carb diet, carbs are the best food.

Dan: Soylent


Do you have a piece of musical gear that you have been really into lately?

Jake: My overdrive pedal is called Crayon. The idea is that you’re ‘coloring’ the guitar tone like you would a drawing and I love that concept.


Who are your top five favorite bands from NYC right now?

Jake: Ritual Talk, Covey, Grace Ludmila, Roofers Union, Daisy the Great.

If you could rename NYC what would you call it?

Dan: Steve.

Leah: I’d rename it "new york city baby.”

What do you think Rock music will be like in 50 years?

Dan: It'll be written and performed by both humans and computers using artificial intelligence.

Jake: I hope that Billie Eilish is still doing her thing. I think she’s amazing.

What is the most dangerous thing to microwave? Why?

Dan: Probably another microwave microwaving a toaster

Jake: Been watching Chernobyl. Probably not a good idea to microwave plutonium  or caesium. Also poptarts that are still in their rappers.

Where did the photo come from on the cover of your EP “Sit Down and Dance”?

Jake: I found that photo in a family photo album. Pretty sure it’s a photo of my sister and I but no one is really sure where/when it was taken.

What are practices generally like? Do you have any rituals/habits?

Jake: We practice in my home studio… The only ritual I have is putting up the “please text me @ this number if we’re being too loud. Thanks! Sorry!”
We also take a lot of tea breaks to reset our brains / ears.

Dan: We're trying to create some more habits in our rehearsals.  We want to start having a short group meditation before shows to manifest good vibes to each other.  We started this practice of rehearsing a song and then not talking about it with each other and just internalizing what needs to be done before.

Leah: Practices are where we get to work on our favorite thing :) rituals include a snack and tea intermission.

If the price was no option what would be the perfect bagel?

Jake: Everything bagel, avocado, egg, tomato, extra crispy bacon, hot sauce.

Sean Maldjian