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Meet Mt. Marcy

Grab those fun scissors that make crazy shapes. We got a chance to collect some words from the master of the slice and loop beats. The only fella with a more impressive sample collection than a Baskin robins its Mt. Marcy!. Hot off the heels of their latest album “Reassemblage” the artist is constantly striving to perfect their unique take on creating wicked eclectic soundscapes.



A MAD-LIB By Mt. Marcy

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts:

I've been engaged to the same man for 3.years. He keeps, but we need to wait to get RAN.until he makes more TRENCH COATS. If we marry now, we will have to LOOK.with my mother and eat BEARS.every day. But isn't worth that? Should I put my THE LEG.down and set a date, or just continue to be RED?


Dear Young Lady: Don't do anything BLUSTERY. Something worth worth COOING.for. I don't think eating HONEY COMBS.with the man you bad, but eating HONEY COMBS.and living 3.miles away from your mother is better.

Miss Lonelyhearts


Would You Rather…

get in contact with ghosts or aliens? What would you say?

Definitely aliens. I just imagine what that would do to the way that we think, it would probably bring about a pretty radical shift in our general understanding. I think we are comfortable in believing that we are isolated on a special little planet. If we made contact with aliens I would say nothing because my jaw would be on the floor in total awe.


Digital, Records, CD, or Cassette. Which is your favorite format of music? Why?

For listening to music I like the accessibility of streaming services but I’m not a huge fan of making music digitally. I prefer recording to a ½ inch 8-track and having a little bit of distance from the wild cyber-west when I’m working. When I’m working I just really don’t need to know what Amazon’s deal of the day is.

There is an eclectic quality in your music. What is your recording process usually like? 

I like to record a bunch of things over a period of time, some of them are field recordings and some are fragments of songs that I record at home. Then, after I have compiled a bit of material I go back and sift through everything and build something out of it. Other times I fire up the Tascam 38 and just sit there and work until a song is done—it just really depends. 

What is the food you get delivered most often? Do you have a favorite place to get it from?

I’m not necessarily proud of it but I get Taco Bell delivered sometimes when I’m really at my wits’ end and cannot live without a chicken quesadilla and two chipotle chicken grillers.


When do you typically practice? Morning? Night?

I don’t have a specific time that I practice but I try to pick up the guitar and play for a bit each day. I think a lot of my “practice” is thinking of words in my head walking around and trying to be open to ideas.

Where did you grow up? Did it shape the music you are making today?

I grew up in Johnstown, Pennsylvania which is about and hour and a half east of Pittsburgh. It definitely plays a role in the music that I make. I end up projecting that place onto anywhere I go and anything that I do. I love going home to visit my parents and to breathe that air. 

Where do you go to escape the city?

My partner and I hop on the Metro-North for the day or we hop on the Amtrak to Johnstown for a few days.

Is there a piece of musical gear that you have been really into lately?

I got an old Kay nylon string guitar that I have been enjoying recently, and off the top of my head the last piece of gear that stopped me in my tracks was the Montreal Assembly Count to 5 guitar pedal. It is a really incredible piece of equipment and I can only imagine that a lot of care went into its making.

What hairstyle would you like to see become popular in 2019?

The inverted mohawk of course!

What other musical acts inspire you?

I greatly appreciate the work of Elliott Smith, Phil Elverum (Microphones/Mount Eerie), Julia Holter, Loren Chasse (Thuja/Of), Michel Chion, the folks at Animal Collective, and Shlohmo.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Thanks so much for having me. It’s been a blast and this has been a much appreciated break from the headache of moving apartments.

Sean Maldjian