My Sins | The Family Interviews


Meet My Sins

It’s peanut butter-rock time, peanut butter-rock time! 

What is your preferred nut-butter? New York’s My Sins is partial to the most classic standby, and delivers music that is as equally delicious. Forget about all that cashew / almond / sunflower wank.

And don’t even bring Nutella into this. 

Below, the crew reveals concert pet-peeves, their candy instrument dreams, and recall a certain spy of our childhoods. 


FIRE FIGHTERS: A Mad-Lib by My Sins

When I was a ten year old VEGAN my ambition in life was to be a fire fighter -- but here I am, nothing but a POISONOUS BEE. If I were a fire fighter, I'd get to wear a huge, red SUNFLOWER BEAN. And I could ride on the fire engines that carry 80-foot JOURNALS and travel 90 miles an hour. When fire engines blow their VITAMINS, all cars have to pull over to the side of the BELT. Fire departments have huge BAGUETTE wagons as well as pump trucks which carry STRIPED hoses that pump WHISKEY into burning POTIONS. Fire fighters have to go into SASSY buildings and fight their way through smoke and VOLLEYBALLS to rescue any DVD’S that may be trapped inside. We should all be thankful that our fire fighters are on their twenty-four hours a BOOGIE BOARDS.


Would You Rather…

have an enormous set of antlers or seven-foot-tall stilts for legs? 

Liza: Stilts. There are a lot of tall people in the world but there aren’t a lot of antlers.


Some Questions with My Sins

When performing a concert what is your biggest pet peeve?

Austin: When people text you asking what time you are you going on


Please explain the term "peanut butter rock"?

Austin: I eat peanut butter for breakfast every morning on bread.


What bands have you taken significant influence from?

Austin: We Love Lucinda Williams, Crazy Horse, Michael Hurley, The Replacements, and this NY band called The Snowflakes.


If you could make a musical instrument out of an unconventional material what would it be

Austin: Twizzler


Where does the bowling pin come from on your album cover, "Buzz Me In"?

Austin: That’s the logo of the label that we’re signed to, Hardly Relevant Records. They’re big bowlers. 

If someone hands you an aux cord in an uber what is the song you put on?

Austin: We take taxis.

Travis: This song Big City by Spacemen 3

Liza: That song Groove is in the heart.

What drives you to keep making music, especially in NYC?

Austin: It’s the most fun part of our lives. In NYC, it’s still the most fun. 

Tim: for My Sins, quality time with good friends

What was your favorite subject in school? Why was it your favorite?

Austin: Senior year of high school I had this class called “Basketball and Other Sports” but it was only basketball. 

Tim: I went to art school so the whole subject was interesting to me. But some of my favorite classes were film classes which were just electives but gave me a lasting appreciation and love for movies I didn’t have before.

Who is your favorite one-hit wonder?

Tim: Dominator- Extended Mix by Human Resource

What is your favorite childhood book?

Liza: Harriet the Spy 


Name a musician dead or alive that you would want to model your career after.

Travis: I really admire Yo La Tengo’s career, they’re best friends.


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Austin: Miami 2022 see you there

Sean Maldjian