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Meet Night Powers

Ever been in a seance? Yes? No? Maybe? I never have and would like a full, detailed account of your experience. Please and thank you. But some people seem to be into this stuff...the most recent band we chatted with may or may not be involved in such practices.

Hailing from the dark depths of Brooklyn, Night Powers is a five-piece with innumerable interests that may or may not know how to use a Ouija board. Buyers beware. 

Their latest release, The Veil, is all about vice and secrets and deceit and more secrets and cinematic narratives and more secrets and candles and dark stuff you don’t want your mom to know about. 

Following their latest release, Below we chat about the ability to control bats (ALL OF THEM), the existence of canned margaritas (we’re still reeling), and the importance of half and half in coffee. HALF AND HALF!

** Also, disclaimer: no mention of ghosts or raising the dead was mentioned during this interview.**



A MAD-LIB By Night Powers

Want to become an expert in Karate or Kung Fu? You can learn how to be a three SURLY lessons with Master DUANE P WEENIE. This COUNTRY music star takes you step-by-VERB through a series of WESTERN exercises guaranteed to develop PILLOWS in your body and make you strong as a CHEETAH. In less than a week, you will be able to do one hundred HUNTS a day, skip a jumping VELVET for an hour, and climb a STAIRCASE without losing your EAR. And believe it or not, by the end of the month, you'll not only be eligible for a black CANDLE, but be capable of breaking a four-inch-thick TASSEL easily with your own two ELBOWS!


Would you rather…

be able to smell the future or hear into the past? Please explain why.

Considering that listening to recorded music is hearing into the past, and we already have that ability, I'm going to go with smelling into the future just to rack up some skillz.


What was the first show you ever played live? What was it like?

The first Night Powers show was at Pete's Candy Store when we were a three-piece. We used to have a computer as a drummer and a different singer, so it was quite dramatic. Pete's live room is tiny, so it was quite packed. We were really awful and sloppy though.

What is a band you would like to get a chance to tour with?

Juniore from Paris. Their vibe is killer.

What is your creative process like as a band with five members?

Our process has evolved over time. The first step was to build a world we wanted to live in and make sure our songs all lived in that world. In the early days, Rob and Inbar would jam, each would write lyrics, bring pieces of songs, but in the past couple of years, Rob took on the role of the main songwriter, bringing us songs that are mostly pieced together. When we get together we figure out our parts or make suggestions. Every once in a while, we reconfigure the whole song (as is the case with our recently-recorded "Wedding Wine").

Who was your most influential family member growing up?

Steve here. My father, who the band calls "Spaghetti Dad," had a huge influence on my musical tastes growing up. He is a drummer himself. The first concert he took me to was Tower of Power and his love of Chicago Transit Authority's first few albums meant a lot of great drums and horns were always around.

If you had control of all bats on the earth what would you do with them?

All of the bats would report to us. We are the vigilant insect patrol officer duo on constant duty catching cockroaches and turning them into hockey puck play-toys in our Brooklyn apartment. All earth bats will lead in cleanup crew and be delegated to every feline filled home far as their night goggle eyeballs can see, stuffing their batty bellies with hockey-puck-roach yumminess all the summers of our lives.


Do you have a favorite venue to play in NYC? What makes it your favorite?

I think we all really love playing at Berlin. The stage is the right size, the sound is always great, the crowd has the right attitude, and the room just feels right.

What is your stance on canned margaritas?

This is a thing???

If you could only use 7 words for the rest of your life what would they be?

"Have a good time all the time."

Do you drink coffee/tea? How do you take it?

Inbar says: COFFEE. In the winter, make it in an aeropress. With half and half. In the summer, I make cold brew. WITH HALF AND HALF.

Do you have a piece of musical gear that you have been really

Rob here: The Catalinbread Bicycle Delay is always surprising and astounding me. It's an insane delay pedal that is sort of like a detuned arpeggiator and you can never put it in the same setting twice.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

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