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Meet Palberta

We’re all pals here, so I’d like to introduce you to three of the pal-iest pals there are — none other than Palberta. These buddies met many moons ago (not that long ago, tbh) in the mystical Hudson Valley, paled around, jammed a lot, and have been making punchy tunes ever since.

They deliver punky and scrappy music, bounce between chaos and control, and write with wit and humor. They’ve gained notoriety for their spectacular live performances, and are no stranger to the Big Apple’s music scene.

We caught up with these busy chums to discuss nervous poops, frenzied songwriting, and intimidating ringtones. Peep their various projects and check out their work below!


Self-Portrait by, Palberta

Pal Berta.png

Would You Rather…

shrink five times your actual size, or grow one hundred times your actual size? What would you do?

grow one hundred times! and leap around from state to state, maybe slide down Niagara falls, stomp out the white house and scoop migrant children out from detention centers and drop them off where they need to go.


Some Questions with Palberta

If you could cover the score of any film which would it be? Why?

Goblin's score from Suspiria. Because it's SICK and I think we could skill it.

What is a word that does not get used enough?



What would you do if you owned a blimp?

fly around the world doing palberta live sets on the blimp with a live video feed projected on the outside of the blimp and giant speakers that blast the live music for all to hear and see.


Do you think Oscar the Grouch has legs?



What is your take on the current state of Post-Punk?

we are past post-punk

What was your first live performance like?

We were all so nervous that we each had nervous poops in the same toilet one by one.


Do you think your time spent at Bard was conducive to the cultivation of your sound?

yes! When we went to Bard it was the only time we all lived in the same place at the same time, so once we became a band we spent all our time together. Our friendship formed at Bard and in turn so did our band dynamic.

If you could give one animal species (besides people) the ability to fly which would it be? Why?



A lot of your music has a spontaneous and frenzied sound. What is the process you go through to get to the end result?

we write songs really quickly, which might be the reason for the frenzied sound. our general friendship dynamic is also frenzied. our songwriting process usually starts with one person on the bass or guitar starting to play a riff, then the other person on bass or guitar will join in, they'll jam it out for a minute, then the person on drums will join in with a beat, and from there is just unfolds in a matter of seconds!

If you were a spy what would be your code name?

agent crust

If you could bottle the smell of one of your live performances what would it smell like?


What is the worst music you could have for a ringtone during a job interview? Why?

Lil' Kim because it would make the interviewer so intimidated by you that they would be too scared to hire you.


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

check out all the other projects we are in: shimmer, data, lily & horn horse, fire roast, eyes of love, old maybe, climax landers, nina ryser solo, lily konigsberg full band, ani's solo project called annie blech.

Sean Maldjian