PC Worship | The Family Interviews

Photo by  Dana Pacifico.

Meet PC Worship

Who remembers those MAC vs. PC Commercials? You know, the ones with Justin Long? What a spectacular moment. And does anyone know where Mr. Long is today? I’d like to know. He seems nice.

Anyway, meet PC Worship. Led by Justin Frye, PC Worship is a solo project, a band, and a collective. BUT HOW, you ask? Who knows, but they’re doing it, and we’re here for it, as the kids say these days. 

This crew is explorative and improvisational. They’re a bit scum, a bit psych, and make excellent use of drones. If you like downer punk riffs and long form improvised instrumentals, I highly recommend. Read on to see what these fellas had to say.




A MAD-LIB By Justin Frye

CUSTOMER: Oh, waiter! would you please bring me my SAND? I want to see what today's special are.

WAITER: Today's specials are cream of HAND soup and T-bone SPAM. Does that sound good?

CUSTOMER: Yes, but I'll have the roast prime BAND of beef with the SLIMEY pudding.

WAITER: We're out of that. How about a sizzling sirloin CAN and a SHARPER green salad?

CUSTOMER: No, thanks, I'd rather have the SHINEY fried chicken.

WAITER: Sorry, but we're out of that, too. How about soft-shell SPAM?

CUSTOMER: No, thanks. Do you have any roast Long Island CAM?

WAITER: Sorry, no. Why don't you try our SHAKEY goulash with homemade GLITTER.sauce?

CUSTOMER: No, thanks. Just bring me a SHIFTY egg sandwich and a cup of black SPAM WATER.


A Would You Rather

Your subway car has to have two out of these four things: No AC, No Lights, Something That Smells or packed with people. What two do you choose?

No lights & Packed with People

Some Questions About NYC

How long have you lived in NYC?

Since 2003, with a few brief stints elsewhere.

What is your favorite restaurant in NYC? What do you get there?


Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao

Rice cakes with mustard chicken and broccoli
Crab meat soup dumplings

What was the first memorable concert you saw in NYC?

Lightning Bolt & DMBQ at Asterisk in probably 2004

What is your favorite city wildlife?

Stray cats and black squirrels

Do you think living in the city has had an influence on the music you are producing today?

Yes, majorly.

What was the most memorable thing to happen to you on the NYC subway system?

Running into my friend Tim Rusterholz while he’s playing Bach on cello standing up in front of weeping drunk girls. He’s a legendary busker at this point.

If you were running for mayor of NYC what would your slogan be?

I just said something out loud and my wife just said “that doesn’t make any sense.”

Where do you like to work on new music?

In my studio in East Williamsburg

What is your favorite venue to play in the city?

Pioneer Works & the Glove

What is your favorite after-hours spot in NYC?

Day and Night Deli on Broadway/Myrtle

What are your top 5 favorite bands from NYC?

DNA, LEYA, Velvet Underground, the Fugs, Nausea

Do you have a favorite park in the city?

Rockaway Beach

What is the movie that most accurately represents the city?

River of Fundament

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Abortion for all, fuck the NRA, never play music with all men, delete Facebook, don’t subscribe to social media for your art projects, be supportive of your friends and family no matter what, buy bigger cartons of goldfish, drink seltzer, have fun with drugs, but avoid opiates and be open to everything and include as many different perspectives as you can in every facet of your life.

Sean Maldjian