Penthouse Boys | The Family Interviews


Meet Penthouse Boys

We are going to the top ladies and gents! Straight to the tippety top! To the PENTHOUSE no less. Where the views and champagne and room service abound. We called up the Penthouse Boys to get the inside scoop. We invite you fellow gypsies into the palace, to take a peek behind the green curtain to see what all the fuss is really about. 

So grab your fluffiest robe, draw a bubble bath, and get to reading. Below, we chat about board game honesty, the best dogs, and music — ‘cuz that’s what we’re really supposed to be talking about, I guess. 


AN ART NAMED MARTIAL: A Mad-Lib by Penthouse Boys

Want to become an expet in Karate or Kung Fu? You can learn martial TAKIS in three MESSY lessons with Master BEN's video tape. This BOISTEROUS-selling tape takes you step-by-CRUTCH through a series of MUSICAL exercises guaranteed to develop MORES in your body and make you strong as a GUINEA PIG. In less than a week, you will be able to do one hundred RUN-ups a day, skip a jumping JEWEL-CASE for an hour, and climb a DIGIPAK without losing your your LEG. And believe it or not, by the end of the month, you'll not only be eligible for a black NOVEL, but be capable of breaking a four-inch-thick STOP-SIGN easily with your own two FEET!


Would You Rather…

every dog in the world be replaced by giant crabs or giant bats. Please explain your answer.

Patrick: Crabs, easier to eat than bats, I'm assuming. 

Ryan: Crabs, for sure. Would be great to have an abundance of giant crabs that we can probably eat. The idea of giant bats would be too gnarly for me.


Some Questions With Penthouse Boys

What is your favorite candy to eat?

Patrick: Take-5

Ryan: Not really a fan of sweets but Twix is my go-to. 


What are your favorite subjects to write about in your music? 

Patrick: Those that are both funny and weirdly sad, like being rich in your penthouse but feeling all alone at the same time.

Ryan:  Any subject that makes for witty, relatable content.   


What draws you to the minimal synth style? 

Patrick: A lot of the most impressive pop music strips back different elements as opposed to layering them on.

Ryan: The authenticity and clever placement of grooves that mingles with tasteful arrangement makes it attractive to me. 

How do you view samples in the production of music? 

Patrick: Sampling is one of the purest and most concise ways to acknowledge that the music your creating doesn't exist in a vacuum.

Ryan: Agreed. It adds a unique depth & flavor that combines familiarity and re-imagination of an idea. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Patrick: That's hard to say, I would have never planned for where I'm at right now five years ago.

Ryan: Can't say for sure. We started Penthouse Boys back in the summer of 2016 as a half-serious, half-joke of a side project but later committed to it full-time shortly after finishing New In Town EP as well as playing sold-out, 500+ cap venues across the country. You really never know what may happen. 

What's it like up in the penthouse? Do you get room service? Is there pool access?

Ryan: All the above plus more. The sky's the limit.

Describe your perfect day off.

Patrick: Cook a meal, watch a film, get some writing done, read.

Ryan: Rest and relaxation at home or hanging out with friends.

How do you translate your sound to a live performance?

Ryan: The transition from studio to our live performances are pretty simple. Generally, we perform to our backing tracks without certain synth pads/lead melodies. I sample the sounds that are omitted from our backing track onto a sampler (SP-404) like the pads or lead so that theres an more organic feel to our otherwise straightforward performances. Throwing a talkbox (not to be confused with the vocoder) in the mix also adds to the organic, live sounds as well as a different vibe to our live show (usually I'll sing/play my vocal parts through the talkbox).

What is your favorite board game? Do you cheat?

Patrick: Life. And no.

Ryan: Monopoly and nope. 


If you could only wear one color for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Patrick: Green.

Ryan: Black.

What is objectively the best dog to own?

Patrick: Jindo terrier mix.

Ryan: Cocker Spaniel. 


What made you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? 

Patrick: I realized I wanted a career in music when i realized I was spending all my free time just listening to music and reading about it.

Ryan: Watching endless videos of my favorite artists performing at festivals to a sea of people is what made me realize I wanted a career in music. Also, being able to enjoy and sustain yourself through creating and performing, I feel, is the most fulfilling career path.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Patrick: No further questions at this time.

Ryan: Thank you.

Sean Maldjian