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Meet Poppies

The tender touch of Poppies has found its way to our humble blog. Soft somber rockers Poppies have been putting out driving hard hitting tunes in the big apple for a few years now. Their latest album “Bed Music” made a pretty splash on the scene this year. Take a peek at their fun as heck music video for the song “Politician” along with our interview.



(Amy enters through the front BALLOON, flops onto the overstuffed FLIP-FLIP, and heaves a DUSTY sigh of exhaustion. Jenny comes out of the PANTRY.)

JENNY: Hi! Did you have a WRINKLY day?

AMY: a NATURALLY exhausting day. You're home early.

JENNY: Had to change my GANSEY before we go out.

AMY: Go out? Wild MOOSE.couldn't drag me out. I'm really LOQUACIOUS.

JENNY: We're meeting NORMA for a quick RUBBING. She's bringing IGNACIOUS SEEMS for you.

AMY: No more blind CACTI for me. Never again!

JENNY: But he's NATURALLY your type... self-made TROUBLE and ACCIDENTALLY handsome.

AMY: Oh well, one more BARBELL can't hurt me.

Self-Portrait By, Poppies

Self-Portrait By, Poppies

Would You Rather…

be carried everywhere you go by a giant person, or be confined to a segway? Why?

Ian: I'd rather be carried by a giant person. I know that, but I don't know why.

May: I guess it depends on what the giant person is like. Are they kind? Do they smell?


Some Questions with Poppies

What was the last concert you attended that inspired you?

May: Big fan of Dig Nitty, their shows never disappoint. Can't wait til those songs are out in the world.

What is your guilty pleasure artist/album/song? 

Ian: I don't know if this is guilty, but "Slow Burn." That's it.

May: Damn, I was gonna say Kacey.

Are you all from Brooklyn originally? 

May: I'm from Texas, Ian is from New Jersey, Ajax grew up in Florida. Actually, two thirds of the band lives in Queens.

Do you think where you grew up had any impact on the music you are making today? 

Ian: No.

May: Probably, but it's not something I could draw a direct line to.

Are you better at thumb wrestles or staring contests? 

Ian: Thumb wrestles. Got dry eyes, dry all over.

May: Staring contests.


Why the name Poppies? Have you ever noticed that it sounds a lot like "Puppies"? 

May: Oh.

Do you usually show people your music before it is finished to get feedback? Who do you show it to? 

Ian: My non musician friends - anyone who doesn't play an instrument. 

May: I get excited about new stuff we're working on and I usually end up trading our demos for demo's different friends are making.

Do you have a favorite quote? What is it?

Ian: "The day before me is fraught with God knows what horrors."

May: I just lent Ian my copy of Confederacy of Dunces, so.


Is your writing/recording process organic, or more planned out? 

May: It's kind of a mess. Each song comes about in a different way. Sometimes it starts with jamming on a progression, sometimes it starts with a riff Ian has come up with, other times I'll bring in a song that's "written," but it doesn't quite have an identity yet. It's rare for us to have a song that doesn't end up going through a thousand different versions. By the time a song is recorded, its history usually feels like a blur. 

What does your family think of your music? 

Ian : My brother is a fan.

May: My dad is probably our biggest fan, it's really sweet.

If you had to get a full back tattoo right now what would it be?

Ian: Superman logo.


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

May: We got a tour coming up for September / October - announcing dates later this month <3

Sean Maldjian