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Meet Lindsey Radice (PYNKIE)

You should know by now that we’re partial to music coming out of the garden state. Just like the tomatoes, it’s fresh and ripe and makes an excellent addition to your dinner.

We also happen to like the color pink. And fingers! So obviously we wanted to talk to New Jersey’s own, Pynkie.

Pynkie, aka Lindsey Radice, is a bedroom pop chanteuse with a penchant for emojis and stuffed alpacas. Her debut album, neoteny, is a delight of intimate and quirky introspection. Below, we chat about Uber music, the delicate mixing of hi and lo-fi, and her lack of pet peeves.

Grab a tomato and read all about it!



A MAD-LIB By Lindsey Radice

When I was ten years old, my SHITTY ambition in life was to be a fire fighter -- but here I am, nothing but a SLAMMIN LABIA. If I were a fire fighter, I'd get to wear a huge, red DEMON BABY. And I could ride on the fire engines that carry 80-foot HATERS.and travel 37.miles an hour. When fire engines blow their BOOBS, all cars have to pull over to the side of the THOTIANA. Fire departments have BRITNEY SPEARS wagons as well as pump trucks which carry SWOLE.hoses that pump PEEPEE.into burning WEEWEES. Fire fighters have to go into WICKED SICK.buildings and fight their way through WHOPPERS WITH CHEESE to rescue any DOINKS who may be trapped inside. We should all be thankful that our fire fighters and their twenty-four hours RIMJOBS.


Would you rather…

have an enormous set of antlers or seven-foot-tall stilts for legs?

Hahahah either of those would suuck! But I’d have to go with the antlers since heights freak me out 👀👀 and nobody would F**k with me !


Some questions with Lindsey Radice

When performing a concert what is your biggest pet peeve?and why?

I don’t really have any! 🤔 But one time somebody tried to steal my alpaca stuffed animal that I sometimes bring on stage with me and DAT SHIT AIN’T COOL!💔

If you could make a musical instrument out of an unconventional material what would it be?

A hotdog bun flute!

If someone hands you an aux cord in an uber what is the song you put on?


What was your favorite subject in school? Why was it your favorite?

I loooved philosophy in college! But only took one philosophy class since I was a nursing major....I think I loved it because it was relatively easy AND interesting haha very rare combo! Plus the teacher was A+👌👌👌

How do you balance the intimacy and charm of DIY influenced music with a more polished and refined sound?

My album “neoteny” was actually a mixture of both worlds! Some songs were recorded more high quality while others were very “lo-fi” ~~I wanted it to be kind of like a mix tape, almost sounding like each song was by a different artist; like a burnt CD from a friend💋

Who is your favorite one-hit wonder?


What is your favorite childhood book?

THE LITTLE PRINCE ❤️❤️❤️ is the best children’s book known to man....but I actually didn’t read it until I was in high school 👀

There is a clear autobiographical narrative throughout your album artwork. What is the rationale behind it?

I just love that baby picture of me and think it’s very foreshadowing! Haha since I’m somehow playing air guitar👀👀👀 + it’s funny that I’m a lefty air-guitarist in the pic because Kurt Cobain was a lefty and he actually died the day I was born! 04/05/1994❤️

Name a musician dead or alive that you would want to model your career after.

Oh wow I didn’t see this question until after answering the previous hahah but honestly Kurt is not my biggest inspiration right now....that would have to be Liz Phair!!! I’m absolutely obsessed with her Girly-Sound tapes and her first 2 albums ❤️❤️❤️ Her songwriting is insurmountable AF! And I wish I had gotten into her sooner 💔 I actually wasn’t until after I made “neoteny” !

What is your take on the music scene in NJ as an artist?

NJ is pretty coool for music (especially New Brunswick), but I really loove the venues in NYC and am just happy to be close by❤️ That’s pretty much where I play all my shows haha

Who is your favorite one-hit wonder?


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

I JUST WANA SAY I LOVE UUU AND ALL WHO SUPPORT/SHOW LUV!💋💋💋❤️ Also that I’m in the process of cookin’ up a new album and am really excited about ittt! But I take forever with that stuff and I’m sorry for that haha ...just hang tight!💋

Sean Maldjian