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Meet Rivulets

Gosh darn it has bee going well for this whole slow-core thing. Duster is touring again, Low has an awesome new album, and now I have discovered a wonderful new thing in Rivulets. Always thought the name of that genre was pretty funny. Often times when I try to tell people about it they think I am joking. Anyway getting back on track. Fans of a stripped down fuzzy romp through the dark should go listen to their latest release “In Our Circle”. While you do scroll on down below and get to know the artist a little.


Personal AD

A MAD-LIB By Rivulets

I enjoy long, Dark walks on the beach, getting Creased in the rain and serendipitous encounters with Sirens. I really like piña coladas mixed with Tea, and romantic, candle-lit Bridges. I am well-read from Dr. Seuss to Ocean. I travel frequently, especially to Denver, when I am not busy with work. (I am a Musician.) I am looking for Wire and beauty in the form of a English goddess. She should have the physique of Jennifer Lawrence and the Tightrope of Annie. I would prefer if she knew how to cook, clean, and wash my Souls. I know I’m not very attractive in my picture, but it was taken 24 days ago, and I have since become more Favorite.


Would you rather have two cats for feet, or two very small wheels for feet? Also please tell us why.

Wheels…? Wheels could be fixed if something goes wrong, but cats are always going to do their own thing.

What was the first show you ever played live? What was it like?

The first show I ever plated as Rivulets was at an “internet cafe” in Duluth, Minnesota. There were two people there besides the band, one of whom was Alan Sparhawk of Low. I think it went all right because we ended up playing Duluth a lot, and eventually I moved there for a time.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

You might reconsider this question. This is something every musician gets asked in every interview, and no musician - including me - has a good answer for.

What was the intention with this latest album In Our Circle?

I wanted to make another record with the band I’ve been working with for something like a decade now. But to keep it very simple. It’s just a collection of songs that hopefully hold together as a cohesive album. Maybe one thing I might do differently is that I still make albums. There are individual songs of course, but the whole thing is meant to be listened to all together from beginning to end.

What is your stance on canned margaritas?

I don’t drink, so… have at it? I will say that a great bartender is an artist and, if you’re a drinker, can surely make you something much nicer than anything out of a can.

If you could give one species the ability to fly besides people which one would you choose? Please tell us why.

Let’s stick with cats. I think flying cats would be terrifying.

Any final comments?

Please keep buying records and going out to see live music. Thank you!

Sean Maldjian