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Meet Roofers Union

We love a good union. Fair wages! Good working hours! Benefits! Clearly, The Roofers Union is comprised of some good eggs. Now, if these peeps have actually ever built a roof is another question entirely. 

But hey ho, this Brooklyn-based band constructs (get it??) genre-bending tunes of note. There’s disco! There’s indie! There’s pop! They’ve got it all and can put a roof over your head. Maybe.

The boys swung through and put up with our usual nonsense. Below, we discuss the importance of hot rooms, learn nothing about Rufus the Turtle, and the superiority of tiny pigs.  


BICYCLE RIDING: A Mad-Lib by Roofers Union

Most doctors agree that bicycle BOWLING is a SPIKEY form of exercise that benefits CELEBRITIES of all ages. Riding a bicycle enables you to develop your SECONDARY SOMATOSENSORY CORTEX muscles as well as GLIBLY increase the rate of your MEDIAL DORSAL NUCLEUS beat. Bicycle riding is also a FAKE means of CARRIAGE. More CLARITIN WRAPPERS around the world LOB bicycles than drive GRAVELS OF VARYING COARSENESS. No matter what kind of WILD BOAR you ride, always be sure to wear a SEX ROBOT on your head and have reflectors on your GAZPACHO HOLE, especially if you SWING at night.


Would You Rather…

Would you rather your favorite restaurant be modified to have massage chairs that are on at all times, or there is a clown in there doing clown things at all times? Please explain why.

I want the chair. I’m a slow eater so the violent shaking of my body will help chew the food more and more. If a little bit of gazpacho comes back up out of my mouth that’s ok because i know that all the gazpacho that did make it down into the tum will be so chewed up and soft so my tubes don’t have to work so hard and i don’t have to mash my gut before going to potty. 


Some Questions With Roofers Union

Where are you when you come up with your songs? In the shower? On the train? 

I usually come up with ideas when someone is talking to me and I’m pretending to listen


What kind of environment do you work towards when you practice? Do you try to nail things down or experiment with new sounds?

Listen, its gotta be so fucking hot in that room that i can’t even think normal thoughts. Thats how the music comes out. You definitely gotta turn off the part of our brain that tries to make sense of things and get into a hot hot flow of creativity. It’s kind of like a volcano, every volcano is an experiment. Very hot down there! Nothing is nailed down especially not to lava LMAO


Was there a concert or song that inspired you to want to make music?

I heard “Get Low” by the Ying Yang twins at a dance in 7th grade and thought, “I can do this, I can get low just like the twins are telling me to. Maybe I can tell other people to get low and they’ll listen to me one day”

What is the meaning behind the character sitting with the turtle being repeated on all of your recent singles?

No comment

Does the turtle have a name?


What was your most memorable performance as a band, and why?

Party rock is in the house tonight

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither?

I'm a little pig boy, does THAT answer your question?


What is the last book you read?

Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies

Who are your top five favorite bands active in NYC right now?

Lily and Horn Horse, Ava Luna, Alto Palo, Scott James, L’Rain

How many legs are too many legs?

I’m a fan of worms so any kind of leg or legs is a pretty big minus for me


If you were an onomatopoeia which one would you be?


Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

I just want to say that I think Revel is BY FAR the best thing to happen to NYC probably ever. I mean I see one of these blue scooties and I’m like  WOW YOU DON’T EVEN OWN THAT its like what a time to be alive ya know? It’s like HELLO DOES THIS BELONG TO ANYONE and I look around and shake my head all around so i can see all over and I’m like I GUESS THIS IS MINE NOW and I take the scooter. I have so many of these fucking scooters and they’re just piled up in my room PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take them from me I CANNOT STOP.

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