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Meet Sean Henry

Lo-fi is the best-fi, IMO.

As such, it is my pleasure to introduce Sean Henry, a lo-fi aficionado that delivers some wonderfully soft grunge-y and emotional tunes. Formerly known as Boy Crush, this Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter mines his personal anxieties and innermost thoughts, combining them with striking melodies and impressive instrumentals. 

Following last summer’s Fink, Henry’s prepping to drop a new single. Below, he gives insight into his writing process (shoutout B&N), his favorite venues in the city, and speaks to the hot topic teen within us all. 

Give it a gander, a looksie, a peek-a-boo, a peep…clock it, read it…pop, lock and drop it. 


To Whom It May Concern: A Mad Lib By Sean Henry

I have known JESUS CHRIST for 13 years and SWEETLY recommend him for the position of assistant HOSPITAL in your MISSING company. I can't RUN enough from this person's HAPPY character and ability to get along with his/her fellow STARS. As for the educational background, JESUS CHRIST is a college TELEPHONE, is capable of speaking to several foreign UNIVERSES, and has an IQ of 1. You will find JESUS CHRIST to be a SAD worker who is not only as smart as a PUMPKIN but who doesn't know the meaning of the word LICK. Unfortunately, this is one of many words this person doesn't know the meaning of.


Would You Rather…

be half-tree or half-fish? Why

half-fish. i’m a pisces.


Some Questions with Sean Henry

When you get an idea for a song, which is more difficult to nail down the lyrics or the music?

lyrics take TIME for me. the theme of a song comes early, but it can take a while for me to put all the lyrical pieces together. creating my new album, A Jump from the High Dive, you could find me at the local Barnes & Noble in the suburbs scribbling away week after week in the dead of winter, trying. then i would run straight to the studio, last minute, with pockets full of papers.

Who was a significantly influential family member growing up?

my dad got me into music and taught me about the drums when i was young. he also pushed me to do plays when i just wanted to play baseball. these things warped me into the freak i am today. thanks dad, wherever you are!

Have you always lived in New York City? Do you think where you grew up has shaped the music you are making today?

i’m from waterbury, connecticut. it’s a rough and dilapidated, little city. i was always trying to get away. as soon as i turned 18, i moved to nyc and somehow didn’t die. last year, after a string of horrible things, i moved back to connecticut. between tours and living on couches, i made my new album. it focuses on growing up in connecticut and my time spent there recently, along with a creeping lust for new york.


Who would be your dream director to work with on a music video?

oh god, harmony korine.


Do you have a piece of musical gear that you have been really into lately?

not really, i’ve been too poor to get new things.

Do you have a favorite venue to play in New York? If so why is it your favorite?

i like the usual spots, but i used to love silent barn, i lived upstairs. now it’s gone. i used to love the glove, a magical place. now it’s gone. it happens a lot. some of the spirit that defined nyc music is slowly disappearing. so it’s a lot of ‘that was special, what’s next?’ for me right now.

If you had control of all bats on the earth what would you do with them?

as a human, i feel like i’ve already done enough damage to the world. i would just let them be.


If you were performing as a cover band for some event, maybe Halloween, what band would you cover? What would your name be?



What movie has your favorite soundtrack? Why?

DONNIE DARKO. deep inside of me is just an awkward hot topic teen.


What was the process like recording your first studio album? Was there anything you learned along the way?

recording Fink taught me to be more confident ~ turn the studio into a bedroom.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

A Jump from the High Dive will be released Nov. 1st digitally and on vinyl via Double Double Whammy.

Catch Sean Henry on their upcomming tour!

11/1 Middletown, CT MAC 650 Gallery w/ Spirit Was (ct release show)
11/2 Portland, ME Sun Tiki Studios w/ Spirit Was
11/3 Montreal, QC Bistro De Paris w/ Spirit Was
11/4 Toronto, ON Baby G w/ Spirit Was
11/5 Windsor, ON Meteor w/ Spirit Was
11/6 Kalamazoo, MI Shakepeares Lower Level w/ Spirit Was
11/7 Chicago, IL Empty Bottle w/ Spirit Was
11/8 Fort Wayne, IA Brass Rail w/ Spirit Was
11/10 Pittsburg, PA Funhouse at Mr. Smalls w/ Spirit Was
11/11 Cleveland, OH Mahall's Locker Room w/ Spirit Was
11/12 Buffalo, NY 9th Ward w/ Spirit Was
11/16 Baltimore, MD Joe2 w/ Spirit Was
11/17 Washington, DC Songbird Cafe w/ Spirit Was
11/18 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda's w/ Spirit Was
11/22 Brooklyn, NY Baby's All Right (nyc release show)

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