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Meet Sipper

It is time to drink it all in folks. Not too fast though! This is not one of those dangerous Youtube challenges. You know the ones I am talking about? You got the cinnamon, the spicy chip, and don’t even get me started on the bird in a box challenge. Those poor baby birds.

No today we sip slowly. Today we stroll along the edge of a giant tea cup and listen to the soft sung words of this fantastic folky singer.



A MAD-LIB By Sipper

Here is a HAIRY .recipe for an Upside-Down PENCIL CASE. First, you preheat your JR 1.degrees. Then take a stick of COACHELLA .and melt it in a ten-inch BENIGN skillet over a very OBTUSE .flame. In a DOE-EYED.bowl BACK-STROKE .granulated SHIT-POST.and flour, stirring the mixture VERY fast. Add milk and NEW YORKERS .and beat rapidly with an electric MEME. Bake until your ready. After the cake cools, LICK it from the NOUN and turn it upside-PINK. Serve the cake warm with SCRAMMED .cream or small spoonfuls of NOUNS on top.


Some Questions With Sipper:

What made you want to start a band?

omg I was SO SAD. 


Do you have a favorite venue to play in NYC?

The bands self-confidence is built upon a plate of veggies we were given by Baby’s All Right before our set. I also love the bathroom to the left of the stage at Trans-Pecos.

What was your most memorable performance and why?

I’m blackout nervous at every single show so I never know wtf happened! We once played a show to one person which was cool. Thanks for coming Camille!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I rip off Porches and The Drums a lot. Also obv Robert Smith, Christopher Owens, Ariel Pink and Hannah lee Thompson.

What was the intention with this EP Adam Driver? Why Adam Driver?

UGH I wish I had some intentions. I try to keep everything shallow and happy which is funny because everything comes out so teen-angsty. In terms of Adam D, Idk if any of this comes across, but I think the song is about wanting people and things to be perfect and just letting yourself live in that fantasy for a lil.

Who was your most influential family member growing up?

I have a dope Jewish grandma who makes art and sells it for big money.

What is your favorite part about living (and playing) in NYC?

It’s so expensive here but I’m too scared to move and lose my 3 friends. I like in the summer when it’s hot on the subway and everyone is sweating and gross and talking about how hot it is.

If you had to watch one movie from start to finish every day for a year what would it be and why

The movie Adventureland really hits the spot for me, idk why but I feel like a cool American teen when I watch it.

What was the best live show you’ve seen recently?

Matthew Danger Lippman puts on the best show in NYC I would say.

Where did you want to take your music in the next year?

I am going to learn how to sing and hopefully everything gets a lil more dancey.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be (doesn’t need to be music related)?

I’m colorblind and I just want to see colors and be a normal person and go to brunch.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Annie, I really miss you and if you are reading this please call me I love you.

Sean Maldjian