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Meet Shanna Polley (SNAKESKIN)

Every once in a while we get an interview back from an artist and are so genuinely thrilled / concerned / entertained / touched by the answers that we are starkly reminded why we keep this nonsense blog up and running. Shanna Polley, aka SNAKESKIN, took it to the next level. 

This NYC-based project mixes the sonic with fuzz with darkness with creativity in the best way. Give her latest release “Cloudbusting,” a listen and check out her works and words below. 


Some Questions With SNAKESKIN

What was your first show like as a musician?


What was your first pet? Did you get along well?


What was your first date like?


What was the first instrument you ever owned?


What was the first sport you ever played? How did it go?


When was the first time you got drunk? How did it go?


What was the first concert you ever went to?


What was the first album, CD, or tape you ever bought?


What was the first song you learned how to play?

Sean Maldjian