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Photo by Michael Cooper

Photo by Michael Cooper

Meet Surf Rock is Dead

Sometimes dead is better. That is a quote from a movie from my youth. Yes the old Pet Sematary. Today is not about dreadful campy horror films. No today we had the chance to ask an incredible band some very important questions. It’s all here folks. Surf Rock is Dead is a foot stomping rock band from Brooklyn, New York. In our latest interview we get to all the important things: The new name for America, SRiD’s ideal bank robbery scenario, and a new olympic sport involving extreme cruelty to infants. Also fair warning for all you people out there they have a new album coming very soon! More on that later in the review.


New Olympic Sport


New this year to the olympics is the sport of Potato tag. People Accidentally compare this sport to that of the 1 meter relay. The sport is played where four Wolves are each given a standard Potato with voice mail access in separate Greasy rooms from the other players. Each of the team members on a team is given 42 words on a Infant. The timer Vapes when the Obese player on a team picks up the Potato to leave a voice mail for the Hexagonal person, Bludgeoning the first word on the Infant. As the event progresses, each person Cycles one word from their Infant, until finally, the Fancy person has left a voice mail for the Obese person with all of the words on it. At this point, the Obese person must type the Infant of words into a Knob and submit it to the judges. The score is Sharted upon speed and accuracy, with a 7 Light Year handicap for every incorrect word at the end.


Would you rather be contacted by Aliens or Ghosts? Why?

I think being contacted by an alien ghost (which in theory is just a ghost) would be incredible. Although Scientology would have some form of evidence for their belief maybe this a terrible idea.

If you had to watch one movie from start to finish every day for a year what would it be and why?

“Fresh Guacamole”........ It’s 140 seconds and it counts because it was nominated for an Oscar.

What was the last purchase you regret?    

Last week I was really feeling apples, all I wanted to do was eat a damn good apple. Specifically a Pink Lady apple.

I was walking past a deli and saw they had some nice green apples, and bought one...that was a mistake...worst apple of my life, flowery and tasteless like ash in my mouth. Damn regrettable purchase.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration, of course, comes from so many sources, some consciously, more likely most unconsciously though. We’ve always been drawn to novel and interesting sounds being used in songs. Maybe something that would make you go “oh shit, what was that??” or some sort of weird bubbling texture in the background that gives the piece an ambient flavor. Lyrical inspiration is a diffusion process of our lives converted into words and melodies.

Could you paint for us your dream bank robbery scenario?

Parachute into the federal reserve and leave in a battle of blazing guns and glory

If you could rename the United States what would you call it?

SRiD (State Republic is Doomed)

What was the intention with this upcoming album?

Make music we like, and learn the depths of human questioning.

Do you have a favorite phrase/saying? what is it?

“sup boss?”

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Live hard, work hard. Eat food, drink liquor. (and follow us on socials and listen to our album when it drops plz!)

Sean Maldjian