Sweet Baby Jesus | The Family Interviews

Photo by Luca Balser

Photo by Luca Balser

Meet Sweet Baby Jesus (SBJ)

Once a friend of mine from New Orleans gave me a slice of king cake. I took a giant bite of that oddly purple and green sponge and chomped right into a plastic baby leg. Sweet Baby Jesus it was Baby Jesus. 

So buyers beware. 

New York’s Sweet Baby Jesus does not lurk in deceptive confections, but does make some pretty funky and piercing garage rock. Everything about this music feels decadent and and twangy and weird and harkens back to some good old school rock ’n’ roll. 

Fresh off their latest release, Discount Magic, we had a chat with this crew about extroversion and costumes. Give it a looksie.




The ever DELAYED “Welcome To YOUR DAD’S HOUSE " looks as though it will end up a SAUCY feature PARADISE. Both Universal ROSES and Paramount ORACLES are competing to turn this BURLY comedy into a SULTRY blockbuster.

What world-famous SELTZER designer is BARELY tearing his STOMACH out? His staff sold the same provocative and OVERCOOKED low-cut CONDUCTORS' HAT to two of TV's leading MTA WORKERS. The women hate each other's SMALLS OF BACKS .

Self-portrait by SBJ

Self-portrait by SBJ


Some Questions With SBJ

If you could ask another musician any question who would it be and what would you ask?

Ask Meatloaf what won't he do for love


Do you have any house plants? How are they doing?

They're thriving, except those that are hard to reach


What are your thoughts on high school musical?

...If it makes you happy

What are five bands from NYC touring right now that you are into?

Legendary songwriter “Will Table,” trance rock sensations “Water From Your Eyes,” legendary songwriter “Joanna Sternberg,” the inimitable “Palberta” squad as we well as associated sonic /visual projects,  & elegant rockers “Pinocchio.”

What's the most vivid dream or nightmare you had in 2019?

When clouds were perfect circles

What is your least favorite chore?

The Vacuum


Do you take influence from any other eras of music?

Yes, several

You utilize costumes in the artwork for your releases. How does it offer a narrative to frame your music?

It frames it inside the unreal.  There are still things about SBJ that we don't understand. Thanks to Kim Windbiel for the enchanting threads

What is the one thing you want people to take away from your music?

A good time.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Has this in any way shaped your music?

Extrovert. We want people to dance & feel things.

Was the creative process different between This 2019 Release "Discount Magic" and the 2017 album "Lyres of Ur"?

The addition of Carolyn (sax and vocals) made our sound bigger.  The band began gravitating with this capacity when arranging songs, shaping material with this in mind.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Thanks to our nightworld groovers.

Sean Maldjian