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Meet The Bobby Lees

Woodstock, NY has a long history of music. You may have heard of a little festival that happened there some time ago. It was a mess. Farmers were upset. Police were called. Someone played the national anthem. A true success. 

Hailing from the storied landmark, The Bobby Lees are garage punk rock band keeping the spirit of making NOISE alive and well. With a blues edge, they have lit up the stages of upstate New York and beyond. 

Below they tell ALL, including the importance of what music feels like and their pets’ dispositions. Check out their foot stomping album, crank up the stereo, and give this a gander. 

Self Portrait by, Macky (Drummer)

Self Portrait by, Macky (Drummer)


Would You Rather…

your favorite restaurant be modified to have massage chairs that are on at all times, or there is a clown in there doing clown things at all times? Please explain why.

Macky: massage chairs. who the fuck wants a clown doing clown things while they eat?


Some Questions The Bobby Lees

Where are you when you come up with your songs? In the shower? On the train?

Kendall: Whenever I’m not thinking

Sam: Yeah, when I’m not thinking- it can be anywhere, random places

Was there a concert or song that inspired you to want to make music?

Sam: Seeing Little Richard in concert

Macky: Rock Candy Baby by Dick Contino from the movie Daddy-O

How does the music scene in the Hudson Valley differ from NYC?

Sam: We love bands in both places, but music up here is more about what it feels like as opposed to what it looks like

What was your most memorable performance, and why?

Nick: Playing at a Chinese restaurant. And opening for Jon Spencer.

Sam: Recently in Dayton Ohio, a guy named Kevin who drove 5 hours to see us and sang along to every word of every song. We love you Kevin.

Macky: Playing muddy roots festival with fishbone next month.


Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither?

Macky: I like birds, rabbits and cats. I have a snake but he’s a fucking asshole

Kendall: My dogs on the spectrum


What is your opinion on the current state of punk music?

Macky & Nick: It’s not.

What is the last book you read?

Sam: Villa Incognito and The big book

Macky: Dante’s paradiso & Harry Potter Book 6

Kendall: Clash of Kings


How many legs are too many legs?

Macky: It doesn’t matter how many legs you have, it just matters what’s in between them

What does "Bobby Lee" mean to you?

Kendall: It means different things at different times

If you were an onomatopoeia which one would you be?

all four: Girth Circus

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Thank you.

Sean Maldjian