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Meet The Rizzos

Slight issue here — I will never hear this band name and not think of Grease’s "Rizzo.” That certain Pink Lady is seared in my memory for her general bad-assery, I’m afraid.  

HOWEVER, I would argue The Rizzos pay solid homage to that scrappy character, and bring even more to the party. This Brooklyn gang teamed up with our buddies Top Nachos to make Split, giving us the fuzzy garage tracks that dreams are made of.

Below, we caught up with the crew to discuss Vampires, Cowboys, and Knights (oh my!), plus the #1 rule of hide-and-go-seek. 


JULIUS CAESAR: A Mad-Lib by The Rizzos

Julius Caesar was born in 102 B. Q. He was a SWEATY general, and between 49 and 58 B.C. he defeated the Gauls, the Goths, and the LAMPS. After that, he BLATANTLY became more famous and defeated Pompey at the battle of SPOTSYLVANIA at Pharsala. The Romans then elected him permanent COBBLER, and he used to walk around wearing a circlet of ivy leaves on his WEENIS. Then Caesar went to Egypt, where he met Cleopatra, the teenage Egyptian SOUL. When he conquered the Syrians in 46 B.C., he sent back a message saying, "Veni, vedi, LUGUBRIOUS." In 44 B.C., a soothsayer told Caesar to "Beware the Ides of CRUMPET," but he ignored the warning and in March he was stabbed in the SONG by a group of senators. His last words were, "Et tu FRANK SINATRA?"


Would You Rather…

be a vampire cowboy in the old west or a werewolf knight in medieval times? Please tell us why.

Justin: Vampire Cowboy. I imagine I'd be just like Val Kilmer in Tombstone (which is awesome) with the added benefit that no one could duel me at high noon. Baby needs his beauty sleep!

Betty: Werewolf Knight. This seems like the most pragmatic answer.

Megan: Werewolf Cowboy. It would be more fun! Who wants to be a vampire?


Some Questions with The Rizzos

What was the best music video of all time? Of all time?

Has anyone seen Prom Mom by The Rizzos?! It has all our friends in it having a party - can't get more perfect that that. Or, anything from the Britney Spears canon. Werk It by Missy Elliot. Elastic Heart by Sia. This is a really tough question.What is your guilty pleasure artist/album/song? 

When performing how do you tend to interact with the audience?

Ignore them! Kidding. We like to talk with and at them - we make Justin do most of it.

What is the best dive bar in NYC? 

Don Pedro (RIP) 


How do you stay creatively fulfilled?

We're glass half full people.

Do you have a piece of musical gear that you are really into right now?

Justin's new bass. It's simple and easy to carry, unlike his pedal board.

What was your first email address and or AIM username?

Betty: SuperFudge33 (Betty),

Megan: MegPie6

Justin: TeenyCello2


Did your parents taste in music influence your own?

Yes! Betty's parents raised her on Zeppelin, Justin was raised on a lot of old 45s, and Megan listened to a lot of motown and beatles.


What is your take on the current climate of Punk music in NYC?

Bring back Don Pedro! They all need somewhere to live.

Do you have any projects coming up that you are excited about?

Finishing our first full length record! 

Who is your musical crush?

Justin: Tom Waits

Megan: John McCauley

Betty: Lizzo


What was your best hiding spot in hide-and-go-seek?

Well, the first rule of finding a dead body is that you always have to poke it with a stick...(aka behind the couch)

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Rizzos 2020. Joey for president! 


Sean Maldjian