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Meet The Tissues

Dry your tears, we’ve got tissues! The Tissues to be exact. The Family called up this California quartet for a quick chat. With a bit of shoe gaze and surf mixed in, this punk rock group is chock full of noise and attitude. Below we talk inspiration, get some top tips for a hangover, and try to gauge an appropriate number of limbs. But which limbs, you ask?? Read on to find out. 



A MAD-LIB By The Tissues

It was during the battle of REFRIGERATOR when I was running through a PENIS when a SPECULUM went off right next to my platoon. Our BEE KEEPER yelled for us to LEVITATE to the nearest BEDROCK LA we could find. When we got to the BEDROCK LA we SEDATED to start a fire. As we were starting the fire the enemy saw the RUBBER CHICKEN from the fire and started FERMENTING KITTENS at us. we all quickly ducked behind the CANNIBAL at the BEDROCK LA and returned fire. we quickly eliminated the enemy and were ECSTATIC that we had won the battle.


Would you rather be trapped in a dark closet with a swan or a scorpion? Please explain why.

Bianca and Tara: Definitely a swan- we think we could take a swan in a fight. If it attacked, you could grab it by the neck and swing it around, and it’d be blind in the dark as well. scorpions can probably see in the dark and would come out of nowhere and once you’re stung, you’re kind of fucked.

Kristine: Scorpion- because I don’t want to fight a mammal. I think I could suck out the poison. Also I’m scared of birds.

Jerry: Swan he would befriend the swan and they’d sing together <3.


How long have you been making music?

The Tissues have been together 3 years or so. Tara joined a year ago. Kristine and Jerry were in a band called Flaamingos together before forming The Tissues. Bianca joined them on bass once they started the tissues. Tara came in later- she had been drumming in a band called Hawaiian T-Shirt. 

What is the all time best ever cure for a hangover?

Bianca: A michelada and red Gatorade.

Kristine: Hot Cheetos and electrolytes.

tara: Chillequilles and water. 


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Bianca: Despair, oh, and the ocean.

Kristine: In an airplane, I travel a lot and you’re so vulnerable on an airplane, so high up and completely powerless if something goes wrong. And it’s so quiet and you’re surrounded by strangers from all over.

Tara: Walking along the LA River, murakami books. 

How many legs is too many legs? Please explain your answer.

Jerry: 36, it’s 6 more than 30.

Tara: 5 legs.

Bianca: There’s no such thing as too many legs. 

What was the intention with 2017 album Veil?

Bianca: Damn, that’s a hard question. Make good music, have fun.

Jerry: It’s beyond us, like the burger.

Kristine: Make some beer money haha.

If you were offered a free tattoo what would you get?

Tara: A little snare drum.

Bianca: I was offered one once before and got “mi vida loca” on the inside of my lip.

Jerry: a typewriter cause I’m a beat nick.

Kristine: 420.

If you were an onomatopoeia which one would you be?

Kristine: Mmm bop, like the Hanson brothers.

Jerry: Whoop.

Tara: Snap.

Bianca: Meow hissss.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

In all seriousness, everyone needs to floss. Also read books. We have a new single out called My Body My Mind- 100% of the proceeds from digital downloads are going directly to Our new album, Blue Film, will be released this summer (probably in late June/ July) and an east coast tour is in the works for this August- follow us for updates! @thetissues 

Sean Maldjian