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Meet The Vacant Lots

The Vacant Lots combine two of my favorite high-school memories. Hard hitting rock music, taking influence from swirling twirling goth rock bands from the eighties, and the empty parking lots we used to blast sed music while standing out in the freezing cold. Yes sir these fellas bring the noise. We got to have a brief chat with them while we went over a plethora of topics. From Julius Caesar, to the best dive bar in NYC, It’s all here folks dive on in!




Julius Caesar was born in 102 B. Z. He was a BEARDED general, and between 49 and 58 B.C. he defeated the Gauls, the Goths, and the VITAMINS. After that, he SHARPLY became more famous and defeated Pompey at the battle of ARLEN, TX. The Romans then elected him permanent SALESMAN, and he used to walk around wearing a circlet of ivy leaves on his TOES. Then Caesar went to Egypt, where he met Cleopatra, the teenage Egyptian TENNIS SHOE. When he conquered the Syrians in 46 B.C., he sent back a message saying, "Veni, vedi, BISCOTTI." In 44 B.C., a soothsayer told Caesar to "Beware the Ides of CEMENT," but he ignored the warning and in March he was stabbed right in the TRUST FUND by a group of senators. His last words were, "Et tu LUIGI GALVANI?"


Would You Rather…

be a vampire cowboy in the old west or a werewolf knight in medieval times? Please tell us why.

BRIAN: Vampire cowboy, because I could cruise through the desert night while all the other cow boys and girls are fast asleep.

JARED: Vampire cowboy. Way more my speed.

What was the best music video of all time?

BRIAN: September – Earth Wind and Fire – just a live clip really but the trailing effect is mesmerizing and used gratuitously throughout.

JARED: Just Like Honey - Jesus and Mary Chain.

What movie most accurately represents living in NYC?

JARED: Rosemary’s Baby. 

What is the best dive bar in NYC?

JARED: Best bar in Brooklyn is Night of Joy.

How do you translate the electronic/produced elements of your music to a live performance?

BRIAN:  I sample a lot of tracks from hardware to Ableton and set up sessions for each track.  I try to strike a balance where everything is able to be manipulated on the fly but also won’t run away off time out of the blue.

How do you stay creatively fulfilled?

BRIAN:  Working on different forms, designing electronic gadgets, constantly listening and watching.

JARED: I’m always filling up notebooks with lyrics, ideas, chord progressions. Reading, listening to records, thinking about music. I’m doing at least one of those things every day. I’ve been doing that kinda non stop for years. 

What was your first email address and or AIM username?

BRIAN: Bmac802, tried for a long time to access the ancient AIM login but I think the account and all its secrets have been permanently lost to the shadows of the web.

JARED: haha, I can’t remember. 

Did your parents taste in music influence your own?

JARED: At first I more or less rebelled against whatever they listened to. They liked disco and I was into punk.  But now I like disco too; best of both worlds.

BRIAN:  My dad is into a lot of Jazz and early country music, both styles affected me a lot both in their execution and production.

Who is your musical crush?

BRIAN: Posion Ivy.

JARED: Sharon Van Etten.

What was your best hiding spot in hide-and-go-seek?

BRIAN:  In the laundry bin.

JARED:  Backseat of the car. My friends never had a chance. 

Sean Maldjian