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Meet Verdigrls

If you like white puffy dresses, violins, and sad electro pop, Verdigirls is the band you need to hear. Right now. No. NOW. 

These sisters sing and sling sad songs with synth and sparkling sets of strings (say that ten times fast). Drawing on a classical music background, the sweet duo makes lush and introspective music that strikes an actual chord with us all, touching on feelings of anxiety and self-doubt. 

Fresh off the release of their latest EP, Small Moves, the girls spoke to us about extraneous legs, proletariat uprisings, and a need for popcorn recipes. Please send recommendations.


News Story:

A MAD-LIB By Verdigrls

The president passed his POOP.with flying MARTYRS.this morning. Doctors gave him a SACRIFICIAL bill of health, but advised him to start SPINNING for at least twenty minutes a day and to eat less

At THE LOVE SHACK.zoo, a five-hundred pound WALRUS.reached out and grabbed a woman's right out of her ELBOW.when she tried to take his picture drinking a DUNKIN’ DONUTS COOLATA. The WALRUS.then ARGUED with the camera.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to diet. Popular comedian KAREN, who's lost more than 69.pounds, was virtually caught with his BABIES.down when his pants fell to the floor as he performed in front of an audience of five hundred enthusiastic DISHWASHERS.


Would you rather…

have jackhammers for legs or firehoses for arms? Please explain your answer.

Fire hoses so I have unlimited water for my dry mouth caused by medicine

What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to some nostalgic music that I loved in high school. It puts me in a good mood and reminds me of a simpler time. I made a playlist that includes Camera Obscura, Micachu and the Shapes, Peter Bjorn and John, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Belle & Sebastian etc.

How long have you been playing music together?

We've been playing music together since Catherine popped out the womb and Anna was there to greet her. 

How long have you been living in the city?

Catherine has been living in the city since she transferred colleges to the New School in 2014. Anna soon followed.

What was the most fun you had during a live performance?

Anna:  When we opened for White Lung at Webster Hall.  Not only was it magical as to how we played with them (Mish interviewed me for a Penthouse article) but the performance was perfect and I was wearing my favorite neon cowgirl hat.

Catherine:  When I played Alphaville in February of this year, I decided to embrace my weirdness and just have fun and not worry about what people think.

What's the most vivid dream or nightmare you had in 2019?

Anna:  Most recently I was apart of a time travel situation that I needed to pretend I was dead under a blanket so things would go back into order.  Then I sold Kim Kardashian my used beauty blender.  I also couldn't find my sandals. 

Catherine:  I had a dream that Anna and I were doing a Beach House cover with some random musicians we know and I was trying to sing it but didn't know the words and kept singing "Black and White Horse"  but that wasn't even the song.

What was your favorite book that you had to read in school? Why was it your favorite?

Catherine: Great Expectations because Miss Havesham is the lonely bitch I wanted to be.

What is your favorite restaurant in the city? What do you get there?

Anna & Catherine:  Cham Thai aka Rama Thai aka the Thai restaurant across from me in Ridgewood.  We usually get the Pad See Ew.  The other would have to be Julia's on the same block in Ridgewood where Anna gets the Arepa's and Catherine gets the Cuban.

Who is the tallest person you know?

The shortest person I know is our old guitarist Rachel Rossen.

If you had the chance to tour with any band active or inactive who would it be?

We would love to tour with Lorde or Lana Del Ray.


What is one recipe that you want to learn how to make?

Catherine:  Popcorn

Anna:  Pad Thai

What are the first words to come to mind when you see this image?



If you could make everyone in the world do the same thing at the same time what would it be?

If everyone could buy our EP that would be fabulous so we can get that money. That or a proletariat uprising.

Do you have a favorite chord? If you do, why is it your favorite?

Anna: I love a good C Major chord.  It's so easy.  I like easy.   

Catherine:  My XLR cord.  Very grounded and stable.

If you could make everyone in the world do the same thing at the same time what would it be?

If everyone could buy our EP that would be fabulous so we can get that money. That or a proletariat uprising.

How many legs are too many legs?

5 legs.

What is your favorite venue? Why is it your favorite?

RIP Palisades.

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

buy/stream/worship our new ep and remember wash your face, brush your teeth and take your meds everyday!

Sean Maldjian