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Meet Water From Your Eyes

Do you have a passion for New Balance shoes? What about plant care? And what about ocular liquids? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then we have the interview for you! Water From your eyes makes some darn charming soft rock with electronic flair. Take note of that last word. Flair is important. Flair is EVERYTHING! Rachael and Nate pictured above were kind enough to stop by and fill our minds with all kinds of fun words that we then transcribed into this web page that you are viewing today. Anyway lets dive on in to the pools that have appeared at my feet coming from my eye holes.


BULL FIGHTING: A Mad-Lib by Water From Your Eyes

Bullfighting is a BALLIN’.sport which is very popular in The GREAT WOLF LODGE - FITCHBURG, MA. A bullfighter is called a matador, and his equipment consists of a long, sharp GAZEBO called a SHRIMP, and a bright red POCKET PROTECTOR. He waves his POCKET PROTECTOR at the bull, which makes the bull IMMERSIVE and causes him to charge. The matador then goes through a series of CLEAN maneuvers to avoid getting caught on THE BACK OF THE KNEE. If the matador kills the bull, the spectators yell, "ORGANIZATION!" and throw their PARTICLES into the ring. If the bull wins, they yell "I DECREE!!" and call for another matador. Bullfighting is a very EXPANDING sport, but it will never be popular to America because Americans don't believe in cruelty to FOSSILS.


Would You Rather…

be trapped in a dark closet with a swan or a scorpion? Please explain why.

Both: A scorpion because the math checks out…

Some Questions with Water From Your Eyes

What pair of shoes do you wear most often? Why?

Rachel: My New Balances, because they’re so comfy that doctors recommend them, and while I did not get a doctor’s recommendation, I still wear them every single day because I want to get sponsored by them. Hello New Balance sponsorship team, we’re Water From Your Eyes. Sponsor us, it will be a good investment, you can trust me because I am a very tall businessman.

Nate: My boots, because I don’t have/want any other shoes.


Best venue in NYC to see a show?

Both: The Glove…


Best venue In NYC to play a show?

Both: The Glove…


How do you navigate the space between rock music and more dance/electronic sounds? Are there other bands you draw inspiration from?

Both: This DJ guitar band floats. We love bands…

Do you have plants? How are they doing?

Rachel: I recently came into the guardianship of some plants. I moved into a new apartment and they had left two plants behind. I began to take care of them. Not so long after, I received two more plants, which are doing well. I love those little guys. Then, not even three weeks ago, my friend Katie, who loves plants, offered a gift of a plant to me, which I enthusiastically accepted. I bought a pot to hang on the “plant hanger” in my kitchen, and gave the pot to Katie who planted the plants in it and returned it to me. Everyday for the last few weeks I checked on my plants, who are now my friends, to make sure they were properly hydrated and having a good time. Just today on my way home from work, I journaled about my plants in relation to how I’m handling my responsibilities as a human being, but when I got home I saw the pot shattered on the ground. I tried to save it, I think I did as I immediately replanted it, but it’s too early to tell. My other plants are still doing okay. I just planted part of another plant I propagated from one that is seemingly thriving. Another one is growing a tiny version of itself. I sure hope the plants are doing well, I am trying my best.

Nate: I can see trees. 


If you were offered a free tattoo what would you get?

Nate: Something forever…


What are your top three essential items for surviving NYC in the summer?

Both: Water, Food, Eyes…

Where is the best place to get pizza in NYC?

Rachel: Dollar slice at 7th Ave and 23rd St is enjoyable.

Nate: I don’t eat a lot of pizza but I frequent the taco truck at Lafayette and Broadway.


What keeps you inspired to create more music?

Both: Dancing…


What is the worst chore to do around the house? 

Both: Feeling things…

Any final comments? (This is your electronic soapbox for one last answer.)

Both: Had a lot of laughs, hope you did too…

Sean Maldjian